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Luke 15:11-32

Yesterday the youngest son and the father were my focus as I took in the parable of the prodigal son. But today, my focus went to the oldest son at Luke 15:25-32. And what I saw was another prodigal son, the older brother. The older brother was mad, I mean really steamed, when he got home from working and discovered that his younger brother had returned and the father was throwing a huge party on his behalf. As a result, he and his father exchanged words and unfortunately, as the parable ends, the relationship between the two is not restored.

So what did you learn about prodigals from the oldest son in Luke 15:25-32? What did these verses show you about unchecked anger and jealousy? Tami W.

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The elder claimed to walk in righteousness. Yet was not in fellowship with the Father. He knew not what the Father was doing, he blamed the Father for not "giving" him blessing of things to go party with others who are also outside the fellowship of the Father. The Pharisee and the tax collector.
Many religious think they're. "In" with God, yet only worship themselves.

Grace and Peace until Judgment Day

I think what we see in the older son's response is that we want what's on the Father's table but we don't want a real relationship with the Father.

I think that the elder son's response is true of many of us who have been Christians for a long time - we fail to realize and claim the power, victory over sin and blessings that the Father has for us. Instead we live in defeat, secretly wondering why God doesn't use us or show His love. Maybe we also slip into the mindset that somehow we deserve the grace that God gives, and we resent it when a "sinner" can receive it after a life of debauchery and can become full of fire and passion for the Word.

Primarily, the older son suffered from a sense of entitlement. His idea was that he had "earned" the Father's love with his years of hard work, and the idea that the Father could welcome a son into his arms who had, quite literally, wished death upon him, was appalling and upsetting. Without a proper understanding of the Father's grace and how it worked, this older son was just as estranged from his Father as the younger.

So what did you learn about prodigals from the oldest son in Luke 15:25-32? What did these verses show you about unchecked anger and jealousy? He too was selfish & stubborn. Unchecked anger will 'eat' you up and cause more trouble. The first thought that entered my mind when pondering unchecked anger and jealousy was ... just look around.

Unchecked anger and jealousy are like diet Pepsy, just as damaging.
Each are ways of turning on cancer. Each are cured by Jesus. Pray

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