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Acts 28:17-31

I know I write about this A LOT, but it's important. I just couldn't help but focus on Paul's bold witness again today. Over and over again, we see Paul proclaiming Christ. I love it! And what I love the most is that Paul is not just talking to those he happens to encounter, he's intentional. He seeks people out and then he "goes to town." The Jewish leaders in Rome had no idea Paul was in prison there for proclaiming Christ. But Paul, in his boldness, contacts them and tells them what has happened to him and why he is there. Then, he invites them back to tell them about Jesus and, boy, does he ever tell them. "From morning until evening he expounded to them testifying to the Kingdom of God and trying to convince them about Jesus. . ." (vs. 23). Wow!

We're not all cut from Paul's mold, but God calls us all to share Christ with others. So how are you fulfilling this call? How can you be a little more like Paul going forward? Tami W.

P.S. One more thing, did you notice how Paul didn't let his circumstances lessen his witness? Verse 30 says "He lived there two whole years at his own expense, and welcomed all who came to him, proclaiming the kingdom of God and teaching about the Lord Jesus Christ with all boldness and without hindrance."

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I also LOVE that Paul was bold. I'm working on this in my life and I have determined to pray each day that I will recognize the opportunities God gives me. We all have them but we get too busy or fearful and often miss them. Both Peter and Paul were WATCHING for the opportunities and then did not hesitate. If I deliberately take action it will get easier and easier and hopefully become a good habit.

I admire Pauls boldness when speaking about Christ it is an area I struggle with I continually am working on. I know we all have the oppurtunities through out each day but its not an easy task,but I also know its something we should be doing.I guess the way to be more like paul is to pray for strength and let god guide us through each one.

I try to fulfill the call by realizing that any number of things are a means through which we share Christ. Whether we're answering the questions of those seeking to find and embrace Him, guiding those who are living for Him into deeper relationship, or simply being willing to give Him the praise and honor He deserves before others, the Spirit works through those things.

In regards to Paul not letting his circumstances lessen his witness, to be certain, Paul was bold and without hindrance in his witness because he trusted fully in Christ to guide, direct, and protect in his life.

I'd say, though, that even these circumstances were blessings that God brought about, and which Paul used gladly to his advantage. He had a decent amount of freedom, yet was still under guard. So, there wasn't much danger, if any, of a riot breaking out against him and his message here, like there had been in other places. Ultimately, Paul trusted in God's protection. The protection of Roman guard was a blessing that God provided along that line.

For me, I don't worry as much about being a bold witness, as I do about not putting a stumbling block in the path of people who are seeking Christ. When the time comes to share about Jesus, I believe that I am ready, willing and able. However, I do not seek such encounters right now because at the moment, it seems like God is telling me that there are some things in my life that need to be dealt with first. I try to glorify him all the ways that I can, right now, and chisel away at the things that are keeping me from being more like Paul.

I have never really shared Jesus in a direct or confrontational way.I've encouraged others to seek and trust him, however,i don't believe that I've been a witness. I love the Lord, and I desire to serve him with everything, but when it comes to being a witness I fall short. I would like to be more like Paul, but I have to idea where to begin. I know that I have to seek God in that area and trust him to remove my shyness and make me a bold witness for him, that he may be glorified.

Does anyone have any advice our examples on how to go about witnessing or how to initiate a conversation about Jesus?


Thanks for your comment and question. It's awesome that you want to share your faith more intentionally!

Here are a few resources you may find helpful.

1. We aired two weeks of programming on Back to the Bible all about sharing your faith. You can search by date in our program archives.

Sharing the Gospel in the 21st Century: June 20-24, 2011

Leaving Your Comfort Zone to Share: June 27-July 1, 2011

2. Take a look at Dr. Kroll's B List for Sharing Your Faith

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