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Proverbs 20:1-30

My favorite from Proverbs 20 is verse 15 "lips of knowledge are a precious jewel." My head was nodding in agreement as I read it. You see, one of the most difficult things for me is to keep control of what comes out of my mouth--and not just the actual words, but also the tone and attitude I use when delivering those words. My mom used to tell me "If you can't say something nice, then don't say it at all." That's basically the underlying message I saw in verse 15. Our speech is powerful, so using our mouth wisely is precious.

So would you say you have "lips of knowledge that are a precious jewel"? No matter your answer, how can you improve? What are some things we can do to keep our words wise? Tami W.

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There is another Proverb(15:28) which states states "The heart of the righteous ponders how to answer". I will ponder my answer before I blabber on and put my foot in my mouth. There is a common saying which goes like this:
" Better to keep silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt." So my intention is to consider carefully how to answer and if I am not sure of my reply, I will keep quiet;if I can.

Words are much more powerful than we like to admit, God spoke at creation and the universe is still expanding today!

If you have knowledge of scripture, you are under obligation to share it.

Some very important concepts are conveyed in this scripture today: They're not PC!

Drunkenness isn't smart, and when drunk you are not wise. Yes, drunks act unwisely because you're led by a man-made spirit, not The Holy One.
Actions we commit offend the King, (not talking about Elvis) and bring His wrath.
"No Fear" attitudes are not smart
Not planning-Not working is also not wise, for you will desire the harvest, but if you are socialistic, hoping for others to take care of you, so you can lollygag about, you will be let down, for the government supports itself, not We The People.
You must diligently seek your purpose, your hearts desires can be deceitful,
don't stop with the icing, look deeper, pray...
Declared love?
In the year 1960, 45% of all households were composed of married couples with children. As of the 2000 Census, that figure is only 23% of households. The 2000 Census also reveals that during the 1990s in the United States, there was a 25% increase in the number of households headed by single mothers. In all, there was a 71% increase in the number of households headed by unmarried partners during the last decade.
How's that for 'Change'? We've removed God from Soceity and replaced it with feminists sexual revolution and emasculated men. Now we're even making a gender-neutral bible (niv). PC
You've come a long way Baby!
a righteous man will honor God and family and his children are greatly blessed by his steadfast love and presence
the throne of judgment winnows all evil
Nuff said

Much, much more
Yet remember this about what God thinks about being underhanded for personal gain....abomination
Unequal weights and unequal measures are both alike an abomination to the LORD

Tami, sometimes things MUST be said, even though they will be received as "not nice"

Political Correctness (aka Cultural Marxism) propagandas state don't offend anyone, yet to be ALL inclusive is in itself offensive.

Imagine, forcing a Kosher Deli to serve pork, because you must include it for those who desire it.....
You must allow cross-dressing men access to the girls bathroom in a family clothing store.....
You can't let people pray in Jesus name, because He said He was THE WAY, THE TRUTH, THE LIGHT, NONE COME TO THE FATHER BUT BY ME!

The analogies are endless. Yet the Bible is clear, syncretism is a lie.

A former Denominational Pastor who was recently promoted to "Director of Clergy Development" by the Bishop: gave a sermon on All Saints Day, recounting the story of Granny was a Cookie master, Mom not so much so and Granny was really pretty critical of Mom....but oh how the smells were so wonderful.....and "we're all saints".

Hmmmm, ALL?

when asked, "Why did Jesus have to die?"
She went on to profess Jesus had to die
"because the religious authority of His day couldn't handle Him. Jesus could have taken His ministry underground"

When asked "Is Jesus the only way to eternal fellowship with God the Father?" She said no...

Progressive Christianity, is less exclusively Christian.

Like a brownie mix, add a little fecal matter, its not brownies anymore...

That's not Nice, but it MUST be said.

Grace and Peace, until Judgment Day

I think the best way to improve is not to spout out everything that comes to mind we are better off keeping our oppinions to ourselves mostly.

Think (PRAY) before you speak! There are times when we must speak the truth in wisdom. I used to fail miserably by babbling. It was a bad habit. Now I'm trying to create a new habit of listening, praying, speaking in kindness. It's not a kindness to hold back God's Word so that we are politically correct! We need to know the Truth and speak it with love.

Sometimes I have lips of knowledge and usually just enough to not really know anything. YOu have to do it like Kenny Rogers said in the Gambler, "Know when to fold, know when to hold, you need to know when to walk away and you can count your winnings after leaving the table and when to walk awaywhen the dealing is done. I didn't put that exactly like the song, but you get the idea. There is a lot of truth in Country Music... I think.

Anne L.

The Lord's given each of us certain strengths, so there's always some area, somewhere, in which we have knowledge to share, and that knowledge is, indeed, like a precious jewel.

The ways I can improve are:

1) Constantly realizing that, no matter how knowledgeable I become in my areas of strength, there will always be opportunity to add to and/or hone that knowledge.

2) Understanding that how we convey those words of knowledge to people is just as important as the conveyance itself. We're called to love people as we love ourselves, and that means being willing to empathize with people, gently point them towards the Savior, and, more often then we may think, to close our mouths in favor of opening our ears and extending our arms.

You know, I've been suffering greatly since I gave my heart back to Jesus a year ago. I was feeling the whole day today like God has been ignoring me, and when I read verse 30, I realized He isn't. All day, I've been pondering why I'm taking such a beating in this world, and it pretty much came down to 3 things. 1. At times I find my mind drifting into sexual fantasies with women I see during the day. Don't think God likes it a whole lot. 2. I've failed to put 10% into the "storehouse" even though I barely have enough to eat once a day sometimes. No wonder. 3. I read 1 Peter 5:7-10 just a few minutes ago, and realized I'm just not waiting on Him to do what He needs to do in me to make me productive in His will and on this earth. My big mouth and pride thinking I'm good enough to talk to others about God as if I knew it all. I shamefully admit I'm a long way away from that yet. I do express His love for me to others, and let them know that love is for them as well, but I have this urge to stand up for Christ when people attack Him, and I do. But I realize now, it's the way I say it that really needs working on.
People, He will perfect me, but in His way and time. I accept the beating as necessary, and I thank Him the reason for it is to purify me, and not for anything else. Yes He does love me!

Yes, I can say that I have lips of knowledge that are a precious jewel. But there have been times that I have fallen short in that area because I tend to sometimes let emotions take over the situation that is at hand at the particular moment. I truly can say that the power is in the tongue you can either speak life or death and I pray and ask God daily to let me speak life into his people. So what im saying right now is in order to keep our words wise we must stay fed with the word because out of the heart will flow rivers of living water. So if im not drinking the living water how can it flow out of me. I try my best to get people to look at the light of the situation through scriptures. God is an awesome God and he sent his son to give us life and that more abundantly and I have to keep that in mind daily. Im not here to judge but im here to be my sister keeper and hold her up in the time of need.

We all have the given potential to have "lips of knowledge that are a precious jewel" because we are children of God and inherit his being. We as the children should submit to His word and focus on Him constantly to think as our father thinks, that way we feel the way he feels and say what he would say. Renew your mind in Christ because we are in this world, not of it. I also try to keep in mind: "Be careful of your thoughts, for your thoughts become your words. Be careful of your words, for your words, become your actions...your actions become your destiny."
So important to keep in mind. Like the word says, the power of life and death is in the tongue. You speak life to the negativity and foolishness that comes out of your mouth and as it becomes active in your speech, so it will in your behavior and everyday life. But, know that the same happens with the light. God begins to manifest even more so in your ways when you make him ever-present in what you speak life to.
Also know that Faith comes by hearing and when you speak the word your faith will grow because the more you know of him and come to hear the truth, the planted seeds of light will begin to grow within you. Your trust in him will become great and watch the miraculous take place because you believe that he can. He's not going to force himself upon you to make you believe he can do what he says he can do, nor is he going to force you to see all that he says he is. He's a gentleman, gracious and merciful in his ways. Believe in him and let him do what he does best: take care of us.
With love--

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