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Proverbs 2:1-5

Wisdom doesn't just happen. It requires ongoing action on our part. That was the primary message I took away from Proverbs 2:1-5. Here's why I say this. Did you notice all the action verbs?

• If you receive my words (vs. 1)
• Treasure up my commandments (vs. 1)
• Making your ear attentive (vs. 2)
• Inclining your heart to understand (vs. 2)
• Call out for insight (vs. 3)
• Raise your voice (vs. 3)
• Seek it like silver (vs. 4)
• Search for it (vs. 4)

So what's your practice when it comes to gaining wisdom? What does seeking wisdom look like for your life? Tami W.

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Treasure up my commandments
Imagine all the other action verbs combined without an attitude that Gods COMMANDMENTS are Treasure...

Loving God requires you accept Him for What/Who He is: Lord OVER us. He is boss, ruler, King.

Not our homie, or co-pilot. Not our vending machine.

People always claim they hate rules, yet rules are what make fun possible in all games.

Think, what football or basketball game wouldn't turn into a brawl without rules.

Kids leaving their homes because they don't like rules and then join gangs that are full of rules so they can claim their like family....

treasure His commandments.

A modern day Methodist once told me, she IS
mainstream Methodism. I can only assume she was correct because the bishop of that conference made a new position of "clergy development" for her.
She said Jesus was NOT the only way to the Father.

I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life, None co.e to the Father but by Me.

What she wanted said about this scripture was, "So many people get SO hung-up on this verse"
She said to love sinners right where they are was what that verse MEANS. Then, Recounting a story of an old white man taking 3 underage prostitutes, paying their "all night" price and making them eat ice cream and watch Disney in his hotel room.

I wonder how many hotel workers knew he had them in his room all night, but didn't know what was happening?

Make sure you know what your pastor/priest/preacher believes....

The Value of Wisdom
.Treasure up my commandments

Grace and Peace

I wonder that "reproof" means "knowing"? Once you finally do understand the will of God for you, do you stick with it and receive it, or do you conveniently ignore (even unconsciously) what follows? And if you turn away, then when you really do find yourself in trouble, will you then know what you should have done in the first place and didn't do? And in your mind, you hear the words "I told you so!" Sometimes I think we forget our place and stop obeying Him, thinking we are o.k., or can come back to Him later and be o.k. NO! We are His children and His SERVANTS as well! I have to SERVE and OBEY Him at all times. Then will the spirit be poured out upon me, and then will I have the constant knowledge, or "reproof" I need to keep moving ahead in life without being fooled or mislead by anything that comes along. Stop obeying and seeking Him, and the blinders are right back on your eyes. Keep up your service and obedience to Him, and the spirit will grow you in wisdom like a plant. This's "treasuring". Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes; You wouldn't want to go to the moon without putting on a space suit first, right? Or go to church without a bible in your hand? Or go to the store without any money? How is it then that we can go through life doing what we think is right rather than being led by the spirit? Isn't that what loving our Father in Heaven is all about? It's a real relief to me to have my day planned for me, because doing that myself used to be soooo hard!

Seeking wisdom, in my life, involves both reflecting on the truth of Scripture and being attentive for the Spirit's leading in my life, and having the wherewithal to discern (with His help) what is His voice versus other voices that may speak--then doing as His voice directs.

Wisdom is very important to me. This is why we should study the Bible. I don't think that reading it is enough. I think we should read, think, digest, apply... what the Bible says. This reading today with all its verbs, action words, emphasizes that our reading should be active.

I read my bible and try and undersatnd it towards my life and time in prayer with God to help my undersatnding of it. And it is a continual search for his wisdom im constantly learning and we should never stop searching for it, and humbling ourselves before him to apply it towards our lives.

When it comes to gaining wisdom,the practices I take in life is praying, studying, and meditating on his word and applying it to everyday life. Wisdom encompasses incite, good judgement, and knowledge resulting in the ability to know what is best or the best course of action for a particular situation.
I make sure I communicate with HIM at all times because I have lived a life doing what I wanted to do over 30+years and it didnt work so for the last 3years my mind is made up to do it his way. I've been positioning myself to be in a quiet place so I can hear from him and be able to distinguish his voice from others. His word says that my sheep knows my voice. So with wisdom and God's voice Im able to make better choices, and discern what's right and wrong in different situations.

I love all of the insight written on wisdom, thank you for your imput. Reading how everyone goes about seeking wisdom seems to be the method I try to practice. It is always in the quiet calm that the direction comes or just reading something and it clicks, usually the answer covers numerous questions that I am asking, or its a repeated phrase I keep coming across. I never want to roam far from his voice it has taken half a life time to figure it out.

I pray for wisdom and insight. I also ask God what I am to do when making a decision.

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