Stormy Seas

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Matthew 8:23-27

We began our first morning in Israel on a boat on the Sea of Galilee. It was a rainy and windy morning, but it was still quite beautiful, and oh, what a view. We sailed out to the middle of the sea and there Dr. Kroll opened God's Word and taught from Matthew 8:23-27 about dealing with the storms of life.

Storms are something we're all familiar with. Like it or not, they're just part of life. But while we may not be able to control the storm, we can take comfort in knowing that Jesus is with us and we can rely fully on Him through it all.

So what did you learn about dealing with the storms of life from Matthew 8:23-27? What are you going through right now that you need to turn over to the Lord? Tami W.

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I think it is interesting that you experienced the Sea of Galilee with I have heard, storms pop up pretty quickly on that body of water...some terrible and with tragic results, especially back in Jesus' time. The scripture states that the waves were over the boat. This is probably why the disciples were concerned and felt the need to go to Jesus for help. I understand that Jesus would've wanted his disciples to realize he was all powerful and that they would be cared for, but in their defense of being least they went to Jesus with their needs, like he instructs us to do. Sometimes in our simple human minds we need to talk of our nervous fears and how we need someone to calm them when things get out of control. Jesus wants that from us...I'm sure the ultimate Christian attitude would be for us to never get worried or concerned about situations...but when we fail at this, Jesus will help us when we ask; just like he did with the disciples on the boat.

I believe that though we might wish for lives with very few storms, they are needed so that we can learn to rely on Him to meet our needs. And it's through the storms and learning how He will help us that we develop character. Also, it is how we learn to glorify God and His son, Jesus Christ. It's all for their glory!

I know God hears our pleas when we are dealing with adverse circumstances. I just have to remember to trust him especially, when it seems so unpredictable and the outcome is not what one would have expected. There is always light after a tunnel and it is God's light that guides and brightens our path we just have to stay the course he is the rescuer when all is said and done. He has given us proof through his word and actions, we just have to believe him.

Thank you so much for sharing your trip via pictures. These pictures in particular put a smile on my face. It is amazing to see where Jesus was. It makes all the stories that much more real. I hope to be able to tour one day as you have and share it with others. Thanks again.

We can learn so much from Matthew 8:23-27. In the days of Jesus the disciples wer not quite sure but we now have an advantage to read and trust in God's Word. Storms will come and go, but that is part of our life. Everyhting cannot be perfect because then we will become complacent and think we are in charge of our lives. God is in charge and for that reason we have to trust Him. Rely on Him and praise His name and thank Him.

I need to just turnover everything to Him and let Him lead.

If it was bad enough that professional fisherman, who spent their lives on the seas, were afraid for their lives, this was a hum-dinger of a storm!

Jesus' rebuke seems to indicate that they had some faith, but not yet great faith. They were totally correct in going to Him for deliverance. They were absolutely right that He could save them. But, they thought He had to be awake to do so. They had to learn that He was just as able to save them asleep as awake, so great was (is) His power over creation.

By contrast, years later, a considerably older, wiser, more experienced Paul (by comparison of his younger years, I mean), is caught in a terrible storm in the latter chapters of Acts, and is anything but fearful. In fact, he's the one keeping it together for the other passengers on the boat, and this by the grace of God.

There will always be storms to deal with. We need not fear, because Jesus walks with us through the storms.

I think it's important to point out, though, that this doesn't mean that we ought not feel anything of hurt or pain during life's trials. Even Jesus' example at Gethsemane shows us otherwise, as do any number of examples in scripture. In the midst of the pain we experience, we can still have confidence in God's ability to deliver, no matter what the circumstance.

This can also be viewed that just as Jesus went into the boat, just as Jesus enters one's life, the storm and the rains begin. Jesus was asleep although the disciples were troubled and fearful. Jesus asked, "Why do you doubt? O you of little faith. The question comes to mind, Did Jesus expected the disciples to do something about the wind? The fact that the disciples woke Jesus and sought his help suggest that they trusted him. They did not trust him being asleep it seems. Jesus amazed them as he spoke to the wind and the rain which stopped immediately. Could we just ask Jesus to speak to our storms and they would cease? I'm going to do exactly just that from now on.

What do we do when we are in danger (tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, bombings, etc.)? I pray for safety. Is it foolish to pray for safety? Or should I not pray and just expect safety?

Sometimes it's hard to determine what we give to God to handle and what God expects us to handle.

A year ago (in March) I visited the same places. It was so inspiring to be in the areas where Our Lord walked and be able to see some of the places he preached.

I believe in all traedies in life we ought to pray. After all, it says in the bible that we are to "pray without ceasing". Where we sometimes struggle is that we have the faith that God will bring us through. I also believe that God wants us to go to him about EVERY thing in our lives. If there is anything we handle "without" him it opens up the door to believing we can pick and choose what God can handle. "I can do all things through Christ".

The worldly prseon who has no real relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ is, by necessity, dependent upon external things for proper behavior, peace, and joy. When circumstances happen to bring about his comfort, he feels magnanimous and wants to be nice to others. He feels temporarily at peace, and even experiences a counterfeit joy.However, those who intimately know Christ Jesus and reign with Him in life know righteousness, peace, and joy that surpass physical and external circumstances.For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.Romans 14:17

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