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Ecclesiastes 5:8-20

"He who loves money will not be satisfied with money, nor he who loves wealth with his income" (Ecclesiastes 5:10). Boy, can I attest to the truth of this verse. As I read it I remembered a conversation I had about 20 years ago shopping with my mom.

I was in college so my husband and I didn't have a lot of money. I saw a sweater that I really liked. It was $30, but there wasn't enough money in our checking account to buy it. I said to my mom "I can't wait for the day when I'll be able to buy something I see for $30 or $40 dollars and not have to worry about whether I have the money." You see, my focus was on money and having things and I was quite confident that if I just had more money, my life would be wonderful. I was dead wrong. It was only a few years later when I graduated from law school that I could spend $40, even $100, without any worrying about money. And guess what? I wasn't satisfied at all. I wanted more. Pretty sad on my part.

So what's your attitude toward money? How do we keep our money--how much we have of it or how we're using it--from taking over and becoming our focus? Tami W.

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The love of money is the root of evil. Not the money itself. accept his (our) lot and rejoice in his (our) toil--this is the gift of God.

Who of us picked our birthplace? Or picked our families station in life?

Certainly we can alter things somewhat once we're here.

But it is vanity to think we're responsible for the "abilities" we have, like where we were born.

God gives us. ALL.

How greatful we are is revealed in how we give back.

Grace and Peace

Funny thing, when I said in a previous blog I am an unemployed grad nurse, I have also thought and said the exact same thing to myself and my mom. Ha! How wrong I am! I always said nursing is not about the paycheck it's about the lives you care for. Making sure they set alive and well. Then there I go say the same as youTami! This is something I knew about me but let it go on. I scan also go on to say I made a mental list: "When I start working, I 'need' to buy this, this, this.........." at first it was only alittle list but as the days go on and I see pretty stuff - yep you got it - the list gets longer.

This is why I open my ear and listen with my spirit at what Dr. Kroll has been speaking about this week. Money. This is another foundation, I feel God needs to build in me before He provides me with a job. Praise the Lord he knows what he's doing!!! :)

Solomon really had the right view on money, and expressed it well in Ecclesiastes. While so many in the world (in his day and in ours) view money as an end in and of itself, money is little more than a means to the ends of glorifying God and living and enjoying the life He allows us to live.

I try to make that my consistent viewpoint on money. Also, it helps to keep in mind that He owns the cattle on a thousand hills, and provides when we need Him.

When i thought of really giving back was after I retired. Yes I would give to but not as I do now. I now wonder if it is because of the long hours of work and stress so I did not see the need even though I was earning much more then.

Some times I pray that I would really get a lot of money to help others in need including family. I even used to pray about this, and one day long after, I read something which I believe up to today that it was a message from God, that if I were given the money, I would be a completely different person worshipping the money and giving less time to God. T thank God for this answer.

So now I just make what I have do and sometimes I cannot believe how well it stretches. God does keep us away from evil. Sometimes I think if I give, I am not going to have anything left but that is totally not true-always something else turns up.

So now I do not allow money to run my life because God always provides. Have a blessed weekend.

God has given us His spirit to live in us. He has chosen to work through us to fulfill His plans. When we are stingy with either our time, talents, or money... we are the ones who lose out. God's plans will be fulfilled either through us or in spite of us. The joy we receive in following God is worth more than fame, fortune, health, or earthly family.

It is always about money (even our status) from the day we are born till the day we die. I see even the most devout Christians are focused on money... ministries and the church too. If you could look at a person's check book or bank account you could see what is important to them. Look and see where the money goes. The church has been replaced by the government and we have let them do it and approve. We need to get back to where Jesus was when he delt with finincial issues.

I think God gave us the free will to make decions with our money he wants us to decide to use it to honor him. I think he wants us to have nice things but he doesnt want us to put it in front of Him. Wether that is putting him second or working long hours to make extra money to pay for those things.

The other day I told my dad I have decided to go to Hair School. The first words out of his mouth were "A beautician doesn't even make that much money." To me, it's not about the money, it's about doing what I love. It is sad to me that so many do things they hate only because it gives them more and more money.

It's just money.

Our attitude...about money is directly reflective of our faith in and relationship with the one true God Almighty

Oh that money thing,how we struggle with it especially when we are young. It is the world views that instill the negative about money. We sometimes forget that people have far more worth than money but because the world expectation is about productivity we our just numbered by our production. This saddens me because it shortens people's lives and reminds me of the Egyptions having to produce brick in increasing amounts while still using the same quantity of materials. God created each and everyone of us this makes us far more valuable than things.
When we choose a career if it is God's will he will make the way. We all have different gifts to offer in his kingdom and money should not be the main factor if we are truly trying to live our purpose. I think we cannot fathom that some people come to the kingdom knowing God's plan and will take a center position in spite of dangerous consequences, this is true faith and belief that God is in control always.

It has never ceased to amaze me over the past 10 years how God has supernaturally sustained me. Every tax times, when I look back over how much taxes, everyday bills, tithing and offering to the church, it is just a miracle. It has been mathematically impossible to have so much more money going out than coming in and yet I've never gone hungry, not homeless, no loss of utilities, able to shop for clothes now and then and do recreational things. God is so GOOD!! I was raised that life is measured not by the quantity of money that you have but the quality of use of the money that you have. It is so true that you not beat God giving. And you do reap what you sow including money. When you sow and invest in the kingdom of God and use your money to bless others God will most certainly bless you back. He will take care of you! Remain in the favor of God and money will come. We have to stay humble and not worship the money or other things God blesses us with. And certainly do not want to ever worship money or material things making them our God instead of God himself.

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