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Psalm 140:1-13

Based on his descriptions, David's in a tough spot in Psalm 140. Even so, there's this total recognition that God is in control of it all. What a good example of complete reliance and trust in God. David's not looking anywhere else but to God for solutions. God is David's plan A.

So often our tendency is to jump in and take control and try to solve our problems ourselves. Then, when things get really bad, we turn to God. So how do we change that? What can you do (or what do you do) to make turning to God Plan A? Tami W.

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I understand that the world is not going to give up strawberries and roses to me every morning. It's probably the nature of the world to give me the thorns and keep the flower and then tell me I don't deserve anything else. I truly believe that neither good times nor bad should affect our reliance upon Jesus. He is giving me an eternal life in an eternal place of beauty, and what He wants me to do on this earth is not only the means to that end, but the means to an end for others as well, and ultimately, for the revelation of His glory. The Lord is my most prized possession, and I am His. So with a new song in my humble heart and on bended knees, I'll praise Him and serve Him with thanks and gladness, whatever is going on in my life here; and I have the confidence in Him that He knows what he's doing. The suffering I face here (and it is usually big), is an OPPORTUNITY for me to become stronger in the Word, and closer to Him! I think we call it suffering because that's how the world wants us to define it. For me, it's more like taking a coffee break at work, or eating a piece of mom's apple pie! Tastes great! Jer. 29:11-14

When we've turned the keys of our life over to God, and He is the one sitting in the drivers' seat, then we'll seek to uplift, honor, and please Him in all that we do, and that will include how we handle life's problems and situations. Realizing that we've no real power on our own, we'll come to terms with the fact that we need Him to be at the helm of our life, that He must be our Plan A, and nothing less.

We must serve and know the Lord in good times if we are to seek his help(Plan A) in hard times. Isaiah 55:6 tells us:"Seek the Lord while He may be found, Call upon Him when He is near." My plan A is to keep the Lord close all day and everyday so that when adversity strikes, I can find Him to help me at my request.
I like verse 7 "O Lord, my Lord, the strength of my salvation,
you have covered my head in the day of battle." I understand that a lot of the battle is between our ears and that He has "covered our head", so we need not fear because the battle is the Lord's.

When I am presented or my family members are presented with a "real problem", I take it to God immediately. I leave it with Him and ask Him for help. I tell Him it is much bigger than what I can undertake and only He can take me/us through it. Guess what? He delivers and even more than I/we had hoped for.

There are some things we can take care of by letting Him know what we are doing and ask for His approval. So when I need His guidance and help I do not have a Plan A. My plan is to go directly to Him first because if He cannot solve it then no one else can. There is no Plan B because He never fails. The good news is, that He can, and He will. All we have to do is to believe Him and trust Him always.

We all are so guilty of trusting our abilities and expertise to solve our problems and or someone who we think has the ability to solve them. The bible is full of this type of approach by man. Adam tried to solve his problem with fig leaves and then casting the blame on Eve. we must be assured that ALL conditions of adversity we face is for us to come to KNOW and TRUST the LOVE OF GOD which is available to us for our well being. GOD our CREATOR is our FATHER and HE knows how much HE loves us and wants us to trust HIM and HIM only.

It's so easy for others to take us away from having God be our Plan A. They almost demand that we make plans and decisions before we take our problems before the Lord. Help me Lord to always seek your will and to hear your voice above all others.

To me, plan A means in tune with God all the time. But it is not easy to be in tune with God all the time b'cos sometimes I am distracted, my heart is not right before Him or the enemy attacks derail my plans. The comments by others show that God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and for that no problem is too great for Him to deal with and no problem is out of His sovereign will. I remember also how God had seen me through difficult times in the past and from that, I draw strength and hope to face my current problem. May God's strength be with His very own.

Plan A, should be a Christian believers plan. His word says to look to the hills which cometh your help and know your help comes from the LOrd. We praise him when things are all good, HE wants us to praise him through the bad because we should know that God is in full control. The word tells us that its not our battle, the battle belong to God. All through the bible God gives us assurance that he's with us and that HE will never forsake us. God came to earth in human form as JESUS, He has already experienced our tomorrows. With knowing this and standing on his word we suppose to take everything to God first in prayer. And sometimes our faith will be tested but if you know whom you belong to then you know whom you are. Im not saying that it's easy but I am saying to trust in God always. If he said it then He will do it. There is no problem or situation that arrives in our life that is greater than GOD! We serve a God that can do all things but FAIL!

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