Fragrant Words

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Psalm 141:1-10

David's prayer is a good one in Psalm 141. He's calling out to God concerning his situation and basically asking God to help him stay on the course of righteousness. But it's what David said as he started his prayer that really hit me. He says in verse 2 "Let my prayer be counted as incense before you. . ."

So what did verse 2 communicate to you? Did David's words give you a different perspective on prayer? Tami W.

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That sweet-smelling incense was described in the Old Testament writings as an aroma that was pleasing to the Lord. What a wonderful parallel to the prayers--be they words of praise, worship, acceptance, inquiry, or request--we lift up to Him.

God is pleased to hear and respond to the cries of our heart.

God talks to us in different ways. For example, this is the scripture I needed today. I found out last night that my aunt is in a physically abusive marriage. I am very angry and want to hurt my uncle which I know is wrong. Like David, I need to ask God for help to not feel this way.

Every time I come to the Lord, it's my deepest desire and hope that what I say in His presence will not only be accepted, but enjoyed by Him. When I go out into the world every day, I take that with me, and that same hope is with me all day long. It can be complicated at times; just the other day, I was cursed at by a complete stranger. Was my reaction as an evening sacrifice to Him? Did my prayer to Him in that moment for that person please Him? I've always believed that our God protects us when we need it, and lets us handle the situation when we are capable. I've had too many "coincidences" in my life to believe anything else. I just try my best to please Him with these because He is my Father, and I do want to please Him. Would I say or do the same thing if I were locked in my house praying to Him? I also thank Him for the brothers who see my shortcomings and remind me. I accept them, and Jesus and I go to work on it. I've got a long ways to go, but this is one project that is constantly improving, thank you Jesus.

I find it amazing that God seeks us, loves us, wants to spend time with us, cares deeply about our thoughts. How often do we ignore Him, get too busy to talk with Him. And yet, our prayers are pleasing to God. I have a son who is too busy to call more than once a week. -I rejoice when I hear his voice on the phone. I think that is how God is with our prayers. He rejoices to be in communion with us. I also have a daughter who I talk to daily. We share our thoughts, feelings, and lives with each other. I love my children equally, but I know my daughter more than I know my son. It's hard to know God if you aren't in communication with Him.

While there is a need to balance between being shrewd and dependent upon God when attack by enemies, King David in this Psalm has demonstrated what it means to be dependent upon God when being attacked by his enemies. He prayed for God's protection of his life and also that he would not walk in the path of evil and at the same time, he prayed for redemption for his enemies that they will turn from their evil ways. As he brought his prayers to God, he wanted them to be pleasing to God, just like the incense offered to God.

Verse 3 stands out to me because here it is David ask God to set a guard over his mouth and keep and keep watch over the doors of his lips. He know that in his prayer and communicating with people that he don't want to say anything that is displeasing to God ears or do anything that is displeasing in God's sight. Here he's asking God to guard over his gates that he don't listen to evil nor do any evil. God loves us sooooo much that he only wants what good for us and he want us to come to him for everything and most of all he wants us to reverence him.

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