Encounter in Engedi

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1 Samuel 23:29-24:22

In 1 Samuel 24 David and Saul come face-to-face at Engedi. David and his men are hiding from Saul and his army in one of the many caves in the wilderness of Engedi. Saul enters the cave where David is at to go to the bathroom. David is presented with what looks like the perfect opportunity to kill Saul and end all the craziness of running for his life. But instead of taking matters into his own hands and killing Saul, David shows himself to Saul and confronts him about his relentless and unfounded quest to kill David. What an example of total trust in, and submission to, God.

So what can we do to respond more like David when the opportunity to "make things right" in our own eyes presents itself? What helps you release and turn over your circumstances to God? Tami W.

P.S. Take a look at the caves and springs at Engedi.

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Realizing that the Lord upholds our cause far better than we could ever do ourselves certainly helps. Ultimately, no matter what our circumstances, if we're living for Him and seeking to fulfill His purpose in our lives, whatever injustice or hardship we face, He will weave together for our good and His glory.

Didn't see the pictures of the caves around Engedi. Is it a problem I'm having or are they not posted yet? I could see the pictures with the other posts. Have a great day! - Ray

So what can we do to respond more like David when the opportunity to "make things right" in our own eyes presents itself? We can love our neighbours as we love ourselves and learn to forgive. Look deep into ourselves and heed to the Lord's Prayer, "and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us".

What helps you release and turn over your circumstances to God?
Keeping in touch with God. Reading His Word and pray!

Thanks for sharing all these lovely pics.

I have a problem letting go and letting God. Fighting the battles within and being pursuaded by others around always leads to making the wrong decisions. I need to trust GOD in All circumstances.
And understand that God knows what I'm going through.Job 23:10, James 1:2-4, Romans 8:28
Understanding these truths will mean nothing in my life unless they are put into practice. So I pray that our Father continues to change me from within so that I might know Him better.

What keeps me from dealing with my enemies my way? Two things. 1. I honored my mom and dad as a child, and they taught me revenge is evil, and fighting isn't pleasing to God. 2. My life history has shown me that for the 30-year period I had deserted God, my way always failed. Now, I automatically do what's right in front of my enemy. I forgive and forget. Even if I take a beating for it(which I haven't yet), I know that I've done what pleases God. This gives me greater faith that my Father takes care of me, not just with food and clothes as He tells us in Matthew 6, but in this aspect as well. Never have I doubted His protection. What peace this gives a soul! Praise His wonderful name!

The things I can do to respond more like David is to be forgiving. Know that God said he will never leave us nor forsake. All the time we're suppose to model a Christ like life and in his word says,if you want my Father to forgive you must forgive you brother! So knowing that helps me to release and turn my circumstances over to God because God is the avenger not me. He said one of his greatest commandments is to love your neighbor as you love your self. So I love my self and I most definitely have to love my neighbor. I want to glorify God at all times in all my actions I don't ever want to glorify the devil so I refuse to hold grudges, seek revenge, and even hate someone. I hear to glorify the Father and let my actions edify his people so that they may want to glorify my Father in heaven also.

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