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Psalm 138:1-8

Giving thanks to the Lord is definitely the driving message of Psalm 138. But within the main theme, I saw a couple of other secondary messages. Did you notice verse 8? "The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me." As soon as I read this I thought How awesome is that? And this being the case, it would serve me well to make sure I'm tuned in to God's call and purpose for me, and that what I'm doing is God's plan and not mine.

Each of us is unique, which means God's purpose for you is different than His purpose for me. So what is God's purpose for you right now? How do we make sure that our work is in alignment with His plan for us? Tami W.

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Yes, it would serve me well to make sure I'm tuned in to God's call and purpose for me, and that what I'm doing is God's plan and not mine.

1I will give thanks to you with all my heart. I will make music to praise you in front of the false gods. 2 I will bow toward your holy temple

In front of the false idolaters and their littlegodz, I will make music, praise and sing to The Lord of heaven.

The Tabernacle was always placed with the same alignment to the co.pass.

If you stood at the door and prayed to the East, you would be turning your back to God when His presence.Glory was in the Holy of Holys over the Mercy seat.

Pray every morning for God Almighty in heaven to reveal His Will for you/me, and guide you/me to act on and perform His Will, everyday. Don't make plans for tomorrow without praying in this manner first.

Pray for His Spirit to fill to overflowing you/ me that we might have the strength to accomplish His Will.

Grace and Peace

This is difficult it was always a struggle in younger years, but as my faith has developed I realize that no matter where you are In Life you can be useful to God he will use you wherever and for whatever he needs to accomplish.
The secret is to just say Yes especially when our habit is usually to say no to avoid extra work.
Sometimes just remaining quiet and focused on God praying for change to occur is our purpose.

Right now, my purpose is to be where I'm at, loving the people He's entrusted to my care, loving my family, and faithfully delivering His message in a word and deed.

As for how we make sure our work is aligned with His plan, that takes truly seeking out His plan and desiring to do His will above our own. When we seek His kingdom first, everything else falls into its proper place.

what is Gods purpose for me, thats a tough one one ive been struggling with. I know God has a purpose in our lives i just have to let it go and to let him guide me to it.I know we need to spend time in prayer and a lot of time listenig to what he wants and not what we want. And I know that according to verse 8 God will display his purpose in me.

In my life I see things happening and I feel that it is part of God's purpose for me. I was looking in other areas of service but it showed that God needed me in other areas - visiting the housebound and working with the Care in the Commnity providing hampers to those in need.

I have drawn closer to God also by keeping in His Word daily and sharing His Word and my testimonies with others. Some people may refer to what has happened to me as coincidence but I look at it as God's plan for me and I still believe there is more to come. What? I do not know only He knows so all I have to do is wait on Him because He is my Master, My Almighty Father and my best Friend.

I have been so thankful for people who have prayed for me and my family. Many have said 'it's all I could do". Prayer is so powerful, so necessary for our walk with God-we never need to be ashamed that it is the only thing we could do. It's the most important thing any of us can do!!

It is His steadfast love that always grabs me. He is unchangeable despite my fickleness.
A big part of finding God's will is often just moving forward, with the light we have, as some one once said, you cannot steer a ship docked in port. Yet it is true sometimes we just need to wait and see what the LOrd will do.

Thank you to the two who posted before me. These last few days I have really struggles with where God is leading me. I have been anxious, worried and had self-defeating thoughts. Some days it seems so clear and when it is not, the temptation is to really doubt and worry. Thank you for reminding me that it is God who will reveal it to me in His time and that I simply need to ask for His Will to be made clear, ask for his Spirit to fill me up and remain quiet and calm and with Thanksgiving just wait in joyful hope!

God is so amazing!!
God knows what I am going through.
This verse was perfect for me today!
God is so amazing!!
I am in awe of Him.
I love Him so much.
Thank you Lord for ALL that you do. Thank you Lord for your PERFECT timing, Amen.

I always love to come back and read the comments here the second day after most have posted. I so enjoy everyone's thoughts, and learn from each and every one! It's here that I get encouragement, support, and always new ideas to think about. Thanks to all of you who post here! If you weren't here and exactly where God wants you to be, you wouldn't be posting your responses, and we wouldn't all be learning together.

Thanks Gayle, you are so right, on your comment: If you weren't here and exactly where God wants you to be, you wouldn't be posting your responses, and we wouldn't all be learning together.
Thank you Gayle for that reminder.
Everyone have a wonderful day.
God Bless.
Thank you so much Powered By Four!!
Thank you God how you work.

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