Extraordinary Compassion

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Luke 7:1-17

If you've ever wondered what compassion really looks like, Luke 7:11-17 is a good place to go. The entire scenario oozes compassion.

Jesus is coming into a town and as he and the disciples arrive, they are met by a funeral procession. The funeral is for the only son of a widow, so it's a pretty sad situation. The mother who's lost her son is grieving and mourning and Jesus observes the situation. Now this woman doesn't ask Jesus for anything, yet Jesus has compassion for her and He acts on it.

So what does this passage reveal to you about Jesus care and compassion--both generally and specifically for you? What do Jesus' actions show you about responding and reaching out to hurting people? Tami W.

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What I got out of this verse, not only Jesus' compassion, but the ceturion's humblesness in being a leader and telling people what do allo the time, and Jesus had been amazed at his faith. We need to be faithful that God is who He says He is and can do what He says He can do! Praise HIM. For he is Good!

It shows how much truly cares for mankind and the love and compassion he shows toward us. it is a very good example of how we should care for and help others.

Jesus told the woman “do not weep.” Jesus didn’t just stop at that-He actually did something to help her. It wasn’t her faith, as many others who were healed, that healed her son. It was Jesus and His compassion that healed the son. Therefore, while many examples of healing were a result of the person’s faith, this is an example of Jesus healing out of compassion.

What is interesting is that she had much support from her community. Many were gathered and there were some helping with the burial. When Jesus healed the son-they became afraid. Jesus did something the friends could not. I could imagine what it would have been like to be helping this woman bury her dead only to have Jesus change all the plans and bring the son back alive. One minute you’re “helping” the next minute you’re experiencing the supernatural. Yes-that would seem overwhelming. Their next step was to worship Jesus-what else could they do. Maybe it wasn’t just the son who came alive that day.

Jesus takes merchy on the weak and tenderhearted. The people who came to him he was their last chance to save their loved ones. How many times do we run into this in our lives. Hurting people are hungry so we should give them the hope of Jesus. Especially in Amercia right here and now a lot of people say they believe but there is no fruit there is little evidence. We need to show them he is more then an insurance policy we need to live our lives as such. We need to remember him especially when things aren't going well and it doesn't seem he's going to get us out our walk should be strong and glorify him anyway! What little good we are is because he lives its nothing we do its what he has already done for us! I don't think Jesus had a good day when he went to the cross yet he did and he honored the Father! The best part he did it for us filthy sinners.

What a wonder scripture to encourage unsolicited assistance. So much better that, call me if I can do anything.

Jesus came on earth to save us. He came as a humble servant of His Father, God. He came in love. No one on earth can replicate the care and compassion that Jesus has for each and everyone of us no matter who we are. He is generous and kind. He is gracious, merciful, compasssionate and forgiving. We must first remember what He has done for us and He did it alone. He gave up His life for us and shed His blood on the cross at Calvary. He died and was buried and rose again on the third day and ascended into heaven. He is our Great High Priest and Intercessor. He did this so our sins can be forgiven and that if we truly believe in Him we can have life everlasting. Yes He did this for us even after what we have done to Him. His love for us is unconditional! What a Saviour we have! Lord Jesus, thank You. We praise and bless Your Holy name.

Jesus came for the Jews i.e. the centurion's servant was Jewish. Jesus came as their messiah but they missed it and at the advent of the church at pentacost the kingdom work was transfered to the church... How are we an extension of Jesus ministry now??


What comes to my mind is that we're called to have this same compassion for others. Obviously, we're in no position to raise the dead, but we're called to recognize hurting hearts and do what we can to display His love and compassion to them.

Paul P. Israel is still Gods chosen nation. Don't be lead into replacement discipleship.
There are no coincidences. The Hebrew language has no word for that. It says God conforms to the deist dogma.
Just like Lazarus, that widows son was allowed to die so Jesus would meet the funeral procession and bring glory to Father for all to witness and BELIEVE.
Compassion? Christ died, crucified, while we were yet sinners, that proves Gods love (and compassion) for us.

Grace and Peace

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