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Nehemiah 6:1-7:4

I really enjoy action, thriller movies. There's the "good guy" trying to save a country or someone's life or whatever, and then, there are the bad guys. They're cunning, generally have no ethics and they'll do pretty much anything to get their way.
Ok, maybe it wasn't as extreme as an action thriller, but Nehemiah 6 kind of reminded me of a movie today. Sanballat, Tobiah and Geshem (the bad guys) opposed what Nehemiah was doing and they tried a number of tactics to stop him. But the one strategy they never abandoned was trying to instill fear. And, that makes sense. Fear is a powerful, influencing emotion. That being the case, it can be used as a powerful weapon. Once fear takes root, it can really snowball out of control and mess up our thinking and actions. That's exactly what "the bad guys" were hoping for with Nehemiah. But Nehemiah had God on his side and he didn't fall for it.
None of us are strangers to fear, and what causes fear is different for each of us in our unique situations. So what did you learn from Nehemiah about dealing with opposition and handling fear? Tami W.
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For me it was these 8 words that not only gave Nehemiah what he needed to get past his fear but they also help me. "But I asked God to give me strength." And the neat thing is GOD GAVE BOTH OF US (and anyone who asks) JUST THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF STRENGTH TO SEE US THROUGH.

I remember as kid hearing my mom say, "Lord, give me strength." whenever I would try her patience. I am glad to say I have followed in her footsteps. And while God has never made me Superman I always have enough strength to keep pressing forward.

Thank you for reminding me of the source of my strength!
Grace and PEACE,

I think Satan trys to take our joy away by putting fears into our minds. I have struggled with this in my walk with God and have come a long way....when fearful thoughts come I pray immediately and ask God to help me and remember that He is protecting me and is with me at all is I that forget that and become fearful. No matter what happens He will get me through and that is so comforting to me and my joy returns. I also think about all my blessings and go to gratitude instead of fear.

Fear is an effective tool the enemy uses to seperate us from God and his will for our life. 2 Tim 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and sound mind. Nehemiah had a relationship with God that fear couldn't shake.

God being Nehemiah's source of strength in the midst of the trials that people threw at him jumps out. As the "bad guys" tried to instill fear as a way of weakening the hands of Nehemiah and the people to do God's work, Nehemiah prayed, "Now strengthen my hands."

Equally important, I think, is that the opposition didn't stop at this point. It kept coming. In other words, the task wasn't any easier or less trying, but God's grace was sufficient to see it through to completion.

I enjoyed reading this Bible passage. I'm presently surrounded by enemies and accusers who are falsely attacking me. I've been wondering what the future will hold for me. But I've resolved to trust in God and ask for HIS strenght right now.

This may be off subject.
The phrase "No ONE told me" hits me.
Let us GO and TELL.
Let us GO and TELL others about Jesus.
Let us GO and TELL although it may be hard.
Let us GO and TELL.

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