Routine is Good

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Psalm 5:1-12

David gives us a glimpse of his routine with God in Psalm 5 (every morning). His words show me a personal, intimate relationship with God. And the kind of familiarity David demonstrates only comes through repeated communication.

So do you have a routine with God? What is it, and how is it working for you? Is there something you could do to make your time with the Lord even more meaningful?

Now if you don't really have a routine, I can't encourage you enough try it. When I finally took that step, it made a huge difference almost immediately. So start with a small goal--maybe one week of being in the Word at a specified time. Then at the end of the week set another goal. You'll be glad you did. Tami W.

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Very good point you made...I need to have a set time and place to study the Word. I intend to work on this thru 2012. Thank you for pointing this out.

It is interesting that this question/subject was also addressed by Dr. Kroll in today's Back to the Bible lesson. My routine is this:

1. Pray first that these readings/study will enhance my walk with the Lord

2. Look at Today’s bible reading through Back to the Bible at the following website:
3. Read several daily devotions on line:
- The PSALM of the DAY (which is supported by Back to the Bible) is an excellent resource for going through the Psalms daily in a year:
- I like reading the "Daily Word" found in
- I read the Daily Bread found in
- I read the Upper room found in

4. I like to record on the computer the devotions and in sites that have special meaning to me during these readings
5. I then try to do my "formal" bible study. I hate to admit it but I need a formal study with others to "force/shame " me to read/study the bible daily. Study of the bible with others has given me great in site and meaning and directions of God's word for me. Special study's that have the most meaning to me has been Bible Study Fellowship (BSF), and the United Methodist Disciple studies series.

Through these studies, I have developed a thirst for reading and more importantly applying the bible to my life

A few years ago I started reading the bible every morning, sporadic at the start but now quite consistent, I agree that consistent time with God will make difference right away. The reading today v 4-6 are a reminder to repent from our sinful ways to get closer to God.

I love to examine the word in the original languages through a Bible software (LOGOS 4)and I also have paper copies of interlinear Bibles. I find it enriching & encouraging to see some of the underlying meanings with the word play and syntax in the original. I have access to nearly all of the major English translations and they all bring out shades of meaning. I believe it most important to read the Bible in one's principle language but looking at the original brings additional blessing. This setting with P4 brings an accountability and structure which helps, especially as we build our own habits.

I'm not particularly fond of the word "routine". I don't want my time with God to become like feeding my animals, taking a shower, brushing my teeth, etc.. I don't want to fit God into my schedule. I have heard that the entire Bible can be read in 86 hours. What is the point of reading the Bible in 86 hours if I don't receive God's message of what I am reading?

I perfer my routine to be scheduled around God. I make Him my first thought in the morning and my last thought at night. I talk to God through out the day. I read and study the Word when I can receive His devine message without distractions. Joyce Meyer once said something like this and I agree, "You don't read the Bible for God; He already knows what it says. He wrote it."

You know, I was thinking about this today before I pulled this up.

In several different ways, I find myself taking in God's Word from different directions as I get going. There's the the page-a-day devotional calendar on my dresser, the devotional guides I'm reading through on my bedside table, some in-depth Bible studies in my email box each day. Different years bring different resources, and the freshness of those things helps to illuminate my life to what God is saying to me and stretch me in my faith.

When I was in college being regular was easy, I would schedule a class at 8 and 10A which gave me 9to 10 as a Bible Study/Quiet Time. As I grew older, married had children, schedules seem to have vanished, even finding a consistent place. I do a lot of praying on the interstate and and traffic lights, at one time I had a tape player with recorded word on it in the car.
Yes consistency is important, pray I find that again.

My routine daily, starting out in prayer, talking to God and then reading & studying God's word (since 2001, as a routine, Mon. Thru Sat. Sunday is "worship day"). I'm glad I have this routine, which is my intimate time with the Lord, love it. If I have other appointments or obligations, I start earlier in the morning. In this time period, I've read through the Bible (2008-2010) from Genesis to Revelations, so many chapters of the Books each day (doubled up on Saturdays); this truly was a challenged each of the 3 years. But, I learned a lot & felt his presence all the time.

I have started and stopped reading the bible so many times that I cannot count, it is just so big and full if information that I just dont know where to start! I don's have a set routine per se, I have a rather hectic life with school (Phd program)I work full time in a busy hospital. Joining Tandem has given me the opportunity to sit and study the bible in small pieces.

Some years ago as part of my assessment for a new job I was going into, I had to do one of those 'tests'... One of the interesting things that was revealed about me was that I was becoming an individual averse to routine. Truth is, some long term routines get to me... I think my devotional life is suffering because of this "post-twenties" development and so the daily consistent routine that characterised my early Christian life for years, isn't quite there anymore. Not surprising, some other routines are very much intact, like excercise time. But that set time with God, has become a "when I have time".
One of my earnest prayers for 2012, is to set the time, make the time and keep the time. I so appreciated Dr Krolls message today ...

Every morning I roll out of my bed onto my knees and thank God for the day.Sometimes I jump out bed to do my routine before work and I always catch myself, remembering to put God first, so that slows me down and I remember to honor Him and get into His Word. And I start praying then and on my way to work. I live in the country and sometimes in the early morning I see God's work and creation in the sky, and it awes me, and really slows me down to honor Him in all I do that day.

@Martin H., Laurel, & Nigel, I'm praying with & for your 2012 plans for consistency & routine. I realize that it is not easy with your life schedules, etc., but I hope with prayer & determination, I know you'll get, where you want to be in your own time.

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