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Psalm 42:1-6

Imagine this: it's a scorching hot summer day and you're outside doing yard work or sitting at a baseball game, maybe you're playing a round of golf. You haven't had anything to drink and you're getting thirsty. Now at first it's not so bad, but the longer you go without something to drink, the stronger your desire and need for it grows and eventually getting a drink becomes vital and urgent.

When I read Psalm 42:1-2 where the psalmist talks about longing and thirsting for God, what I asked you to imagine above is the image that comes to my mind. This is particularly powerful for me because I've had heat stroke a couple of times when I didn't take in enough water. It wasn't a pleasant experience and the same thing is true when our relationship with God becomes distant.

So here are a couple of things to consider. Does Psalm 42:1-2 describe your relationship with God? And, what does your soul panting after, and thirsting for, God look like (or what do you want it to look like)? Tami W.

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As a Christian I look forward to being with my Father. In the mean time I have His word in the Bible. Apply it to my heart and I will walk closer to the Lord. A believer should have a thirst for God's word. I

Thank you for today's reading _ as we are about enter 2012 , my soul is already tasty for the Lord. I have come reliase that without Him, we are nothing

I want my soul thirsting for God to not be a defense mechanism that is merely a temporary "fix". Rather, I want my thirsting for God to be proactive, where each moment of every day is seeking Him. If I toss and turn through a sleepless night, I want to not forget that time as another opportunity to praise and worship Him. When I am driving to work, I want to view that as an opportunity to seek Him. The list goes on, and varies slightly from day to day, but it is important to realize that I am thirsty, and that I need to have my thirst satisfactorily quenched.

I experience times where I long for communion with my Lord as a thirst and at times He seems remote. The joy of connection gives me a jubilance and I find praise cascading forth. I find that as new challenges come, news of opportunities arise, or bad news comes my way; I desire to speak with my Father. The promise that the Lord directs our path as we delight in Him encourages me as I go forth.

am always thirsty for God.But one thing baffles me,there are always not enough time for me,well that's what i think,every time i am doing something else,i use to feel down inside me that i suppose to be with God now.As we are going to this new year i receive grace from Him to thirst for Him more and be with every time the urge is in me.

I like the first 2 verses showing how I am to be longing for the relationship of the Lord, but it is in the circumstances the Psalmist is in which makes it more impressive. I can related....crying day and night over a situation and people on the outside are mocking me/him for continuing to trust in the Lord. 'Why trust Him when your situation is so bleak?' But the true believe knows that even when things don't look good they can still worship and praise God because He provides true Hope. v5.....The psalmist ends with re-iterating how sad they are and torn, but committing again to trust in their God.
May I be so trusting in Him that when things aren't 'looking good' from the world's standpoint that my mind and heart want to continue praising Him.

My soul thirst for God daily, I don't (my soul) enjoy going without God's word or talking to him in prayers. My soul just thirst for his presence& favor all the time. It's the comfort of HIm, the hiding in Him in that "secret place", His protection, provisions, and his continuous love and mercy. My soul/I don't want it to stop ever!

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