Saying "No!"

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1 Corinthians 10:1-13

Every one of us is tempted every single day and usually numerous times. I wish that weren't the case, but it is. Now I dread that feeling of being tempted because pushing aside whatever it is that's tempting me is a struggle that I don't always win. So should I give up (because sometimes I feel that way)? Absolutely not! Because no matter what our temptation, we can overcome. How do I know that? Paul tells us this specifically in 1 Corinthians 10:13.

So how has God helped you in the area of temptation? How do you recognize and act upon "the way of escape" God will provide? Tami W.

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There have been so many times that the Lord has come through for me, but the most recent one was on Friday (last week), when I had a painful encounter with my mother (she's 83 yrs. old). There has always been so much misunderstanding between us, and it ended up where I became angry, losing self-control and reacted in an un-Christ-like manner. However, the Lord, in His grace and mercy, made a way of escape for me. Humbling myself, I apologised to my Mom. The following day, I had an epileptic seizure, Jesus came through once again, (with the assistance of my mother), helping me over that mountainous terrain. He always makes a way where there seems to be to way. I will use this as a learning experience.

it's tough to "not give up"...never had too much success with 1 cor.10:13

Temptation is something that is all around us. As someone who almost died as a result of alcohol abuse, I realize the temptation for what it is, death, and as Christ healed me to life when the doctors thought I was a goner, he also guides me past the thought of succumbing to drink again. There are also the daily temptations,coveting others jobs or wealth, a myriad of others. Every day I pray and know that the path I am taking and my situation in life is what it is because that is what the Lord has for me now, there may be reasons I am being guided down certain paths that are not obvious to me now, but may later be revealed. Just knowing that I am saved in Jesus Christ and that he always has got my back is the best feeling in the world, and I am very lucky he gave me the love of my life my wife to walk this path with me. We got baptized together, worship together, pray together, and talk about scriptures and God daily. I could not ask for any more!

Is the escape the still small voice urging us to do something different? I'm thankful for this whisper and when I don't listen I'm thankful for forgiveness.

To be tempted when you are a christian , its very hard , but to overcome temptation, we have to be in constant praying to God. As for me whenever temptation comes my way my way of getting thru it, is, i just say the words that Jesus says to Satan when he was being tempted in the wilderness.And it is this,'Its written'.As James chap.(1 v 12) has assured us its a blessing when we overcome temptations.

It is difficult being a Christian and knowing and experiencing temptation. I once thought that being a Christian I would lead a carefree life. This has not happened and has caused me much grief as I argued with God about His love and concern for me. This past year He has taken me by the hand and showed me His love in many ways. I am learning not to blame God for what happens to me and to accept it as His loving hand in directing me to come closer to Him. Temptation, on the other, is something that I deal with daily. There are many areas where I am tempted. I am learning two things about temptation from my loving Father. First, temptation is a device of Satan to draw me away from my Savior. I have learned that I can trust God that He will help me through whatever Satan is doing to keep me from my Father. Second, God has showed me that when temptation comes I am to flee it. Whether I start to think of something else or I leave where I am, I am to get away from what Satan is throwing at me. This is working like nothing else has worked. I am thankful to my Father for this wonderful way of not letting temptation get a hold on me and move me to sin. Praise the Lord for His goodness.

I've never been helped by 1 Cor 10:13. It doesn't help me at all to know others struggle w/(fill in the blank). My ongoing struggle is w/ overeating (not just vanity, diabetic). I want food, now, and plenty of it. I cannot find help for this in the Bible - but I know the only answer I'll EVER find is in God's word. This is so tough to say, but, "I just don't think anything short of a supernatural jaw-wiring can help me."

Kaylon, I understand where you are at. I had/have the same problem. But about 18 mos. ago I immersed myself in God's Word. I started reading it, not for any particular problem, but just to get to know God more. I don't know when or how, but it transformed me and part of that change included my desire for food. It still tempts me at times, but it's much less critical than it used to be. I just don't want all the junk anymore. That isn't me. That's God. Hope this encourages you. I'm praying for you.


Thank you for your honest comments. I wanted you to know that I prayed for you this morning. My heart really went out to you because one of my biggest and most difficult areas of temptation is food and eating as well. And, because we obviously need to eat every day, it truly is an ongoing daily struggle. As for 1 Cor. 10:13, what helps me is knowing that God is faithful and he won’t allow me to be tempted beyond my capability. Now sometimes I don’t feel that way, especially when temptation is hitting me square in the face, but I know God’s Word is true. So I do my best to hang onto and draw on His words. Even so, I still stumble--plenty. Thanks again for blogging. Hang in there and I’ll keep praying. Tami W.

Kaylon, I will be praying for you also.
God Bless

Kaylon - hang in there. I have trouble overeating, too. Sometimes I think about how 'God is my rock' and I need to cling to 'the rock,' not eat one :))) Changing the visual of the food item helps me, seeing it as something I would not want to eat. ASAP helps me too, Always Say A Prayer.

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