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Jonah 1:1-2:10

Whenever I read the account of Jonah I inevitably find myself shaking my head--for two different reasons. First, because I'm irritated with Jonah, but then in amazement with God. Jonah was disobedient and outright defiant. As I see it, he was a total jerk to God. So how did God respond? With unwavering love. How awesome is that?!?

So what did Jonah's story reveal to you about God? Tami W.

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I love how prayer permeates the book of Jonah from beginning to end. The written story begins with God speaking to Jonah, which implies that Jonah had some form of a relationship with God prior to being called to go to Ninevah. Once again in Scripture, God has changed someone's life and then appointed a task.
One of the coolest thoughts on prayer here is that when the storm began, all the unbelievers began praying to anything and everything. When they followed Jonah's advice and the storm ceased, they immediately began giving thanks to Jonah's God, our God, the only God.

It is great to know that God still knows us and what we are made of...dust. Most of all that He loves us and is faithful.

This is so funny because I just bought the Veggie Tales movie about Jonah for my 4 yr. old! I had kind of forgotten how stubborn Jonah was and how many times God had compassion on him. There's a really cute song in the movie about how our God is a God of second true. Jonah reminds me of the Israelites and their countless times of disobedience and turning their backs on God. It's far easier to see that in others, but I am so guilty of it myself! Yet God has mercy and compassion on us time and time again and forgives us. How awesome He is!

It shows that no matter how bad we have been, and disobedient, we can always return to the Lord. Johah acted like most of us had, doing his own thing, even though he knew he was wrong. God had to snatch a proverbial knot in his behind to get him back in line, and when Jonah realized it, and prayed that the Lord would forgive him, he was brought again upon solid land. Kind of like when we travel through life, in the belly of beast on tempestous seas, when we ask him, Jesus puts us back under solid footing.

Even though Jonah disobeyed God and run away the other direction refusing to go to Nineveh to warn them of their sins and tell them of judgment to come logically thinking it seems as he had every right to be fearful to go because the Ninevites were a cruel and mighty nation which was the dominant force in the world of that day and what makes it worst is no Prophet had ever been sent to the Gentiles he was the first. But the lesson learned here is as proverbs 29:25 proclaims, “Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the LORD is kept safe.” God is mightier than the mighty therefore at the end He turned the situation to His own glory.

This is a serious account with good lessons for us. But I was thinking of how the tongue can say things we do not mean to imply.
You never want to say to a young lady, "boy I could be Jonah and you the whale sent by God." She will not give you the chance to explain your self no matter how skinny she is.

When I read this I wonder about Jonah sleeping through the storm. How could he do this? Was he that tired or did he have some confidence in God about this? I also wonder about the rest of the men on the ship after the storm was calmed. They had a great response...what kind of a lasting impact did it have? The answers to those questions most likely will have to wait. I remember well my Sunday School teacher using this lesson to point out how we can't run from God. I am glad that God kept pursuing me till I trusted in Christ.

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