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Genesis 37:2-28; 45:4-15

We take a big picture approach to Joseph today through two passages. In Genesis 37 we learn of Joseph's dreams, the hatred of his brothers and that his brothers sold him into slavery. Fast forward to Genesis 45. Joseph is now second in command of Egypt. His brothers have come to buy grain during the famine, and Joseph reveals his identity to them. What a dramatic contrast in circumstances and quite the journey for Joseph between the two.

As I thought about it all, one clear message stood out to me--God had a plan for Joseph and He loved and sustained Joseph every step of the way through it.

So what does Joseph's story communicate to you about managing through your ups and downs? What did these two passages show you about God and your relationship with Him? Tami W.

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It is a huge eye opener!!
What I think about is I try to be so perfect and I hate to admit, I try to make others around me perfect. I realize now clearer than ever, that things are not going to be perfect. I know, that seems like.............duh. I have just wanted to please God in every way, but I think I have put a lot of stress on myself and others. I am truly sorry for that. I see in Gen. 45:4-15 That is was ALL in God's hands. Joseph and his family were not perfect. Things worked out the way they did for a reason. I think of, we can go on all day about what could have what should have, but in the end it all worked out, it was all part of God's plan. Please, if there is any one that can add or clear up what I am trying to say, please share.

It let's me know that no matter how tough things may seem, they are happening for a reason, and If I remain patient, they tend to work out for the best. Honestly, to be as receptive and forgiving as Joseph would be very hard for me. He really was betrayed by his own kin, but still loved them and forgave them. It's a powerful standard to try and live up to. It does show me that I need to realize that everything I do and that happens to me is according to the Lord's will, so I need to try and look past having a emotional response to events in my life, and try and see what the message for me is.

God has been showing me this same thing through many different sources lately. I have had a lot of "should have" moments over this last year; and I need to rest in His sovereignty and the fact that he orchestrates the events of my life; and if I truly believe that He is who He says He is, I would not keep beating myself up over the things I feel I messed up. I need to trust more. It is hard, but gets easier as my faith deepens and matures. He is so much bigger than I can begin to imagine, and I need to let that sink in.

God shows me to trust Him and He'll provied me with ALL my needs! HE will never leave me nor forsake me (Hebr. 13:5), if I just obey Him and try to live righteously daily with HIM!

David, I think you have such a good point about looking past our emotional response and instead seeking the message that God is giving us in whatever situation He is putting us in. It is hard to do, but it is what I have lately been working on doing, and I find it very helpful. Our emotions cannot always be trusted. But if we listen very closely, God will reveal to us most times what we are to learn from our situations.
Anonymous, it is often so human to try to be perfect and to want others to be as well - but we are NOT EVER going to be perfect in this earthly life; we have to "let go and let God," give it over to Him every minute of every day. Remember to ask Him to guide you through each situation throughout your day and you will experience a difference!

Thank you so much Anita. You brought tears to my eyes. I have a question/comment for you. I am having an extreme hard time with others around me that don't seem to believe God speaks to us and guides us in the way I have experienced for myself and I see you and others have also. The doubt and unbelief from others cause me to doubt what I do know and have experienced for myself. I guess, this is where I need to not let others influence me. Living and walking with Christ is very challenging, but it is amazing, and wonderful.

God allowed the trials of Joseph's young life so as to prepare him...make him stronger in character, etc... then God's plan to make him a leader among men to help when needed to guide by good choices and wisdom given by God. We all have the choice of opening our hearts to God . To Be There When We're needed by others..

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