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3 John 1:1-15

John spends most of his time in 3 John talking about the appropriateness of supporting and providing for people in ministry. He's actually quite passionate about it. He starts with the positive command to give our help and support "Send them on their journey in a manner worthy of God. . . we ought to support people like these, that we may be fellow workers for the truth" (3 John 6, 8). But then John goes on and records his unhappiness, his irritation with a man in the church who refuses to help workers for Christ and tries to prevent others from helping. (vs. 10).

So how did 3 John speak to you today? What did this passage show you about caring for and supporting people working for Christ in ministry? Tami W.

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Wow, he really called that guy out! Seriously, you either do what is right in God's eyes, or follow the vanity of a man. Diotrephes thinks that he know's what is right, when really he is following the devil! John warns people not to imitate evil, and be like this guy, but to imitate good. Diotrephes is talking his wicked smack, and John even says when he gets there he's going to handle him, but until then, he instructs them to greet the friends, all of them, by name. They have been out doing God's work, accepting nothing in return. That is why it is important to support our missionarys. They are working in often inhospitable climates, both weather wise and political wise. When they come back to speak to us of what they have done, and their needs, we need to attend to these "scouts from the front lines".

This passages points out to me just how important it is to support our brothers and sisters in Christ especially our missionary. It also tells that not everyone is actually a brother or sister, but someone who is of the devil which is evidence by their actions. If you want to know who is a believer just watch and observe their words and actions. That is why we need to not only be in the WORD but also living the WORD so that others may see and know Jesus through us.

wow is right. I quess the church was always a mess. Most of us can attest to that today. We are only saved sinners.

These verses tell us to give our complete support to those called to do God's work. it shows Me that I should support our missionaries a lot more than I do. I should be more active in their needs.

I think that people often feel one of two things when it comes to supporting those in ministry...(1) that whatever they can give is insignifcant and won't make a difference or (2) they figure that someone else will make take care of things and it is not really up to them. It is truly imperative to support those in ministry with financial resources but also with prayer. These two very vital elements are what keeps those in ministry uplifted. Even if we cannot give financial support, we can always offer support through offerings of prayer and God will look after the rest.

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