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2 Samuel 15:1-37

Today we get a look at a pretty sad chapter in David's life. David's son, Absalom, has set into action a conspiracy to take the throne away from David. So David is forced to leave Jerusalem...literally running for his life. Talk about devastating. This had to be about rock bottom for David. But here's what I noticed, David didn't allow his circumstances, as awful as they were, to take him out of the game spiritually.

So what did David show you about staying in the game spiritually in and through hard situations? Was there something in particular that David did, or didn't do, that you found helpful? Tami W.

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What amazes me about David staying in the game is that it was not his personal circumstances that were the determining factor. He stayed in because of his complete trust in, and devotion to his God. In verses 25 and 26 we read that David was prepared to accept God's favor, or His displeasure in him. "Let God do what seems good to Him."
To me that indicates complete faith and trust. God's judgement, David deemed greater than his own, regardless of the trials he was enduring. He accepted whatever fate awaited him for it was enough to know that God's hand was in it.
What an amazing attitude. Indeed if I could only be so trusting and faithfully accept God's hand, regardless of my circumstances, I too would remain in the game.

David;s situation makes him stronger in the God whom he serves.He knows he can trust God, so in verse (30- 31) he asked for God;s favor.And as christians i think we should do the same. Always trust and believe in God .

Unfortunately I don't understand spiritual things and therefore don't consider myself a "spiritual" person, however I hope to have faith in God who is a spiritual being w/o having seen. Fortunately I have spiritual people like yourselves to help guide me in my daily walk. Thank you!

I correct myself on my wrong idea about Buddhism (Nov 28). I believe the person we call Buddha was near to God. On today's reading (Nov 29) David wept sad and I found that helpful to know. Staying in the game to me is not trust as Jim mentions above but knowing GOD'S providence always surrounding us. For example, the Ark. It was a chance to meet with God at a place for blessing not at or in some abstract feeling of trust

Staying in the game is just what we are supposed to do, no matter what. As shown here by David's situation, we can not fully grasp the purpose of what God is doing in our lives sometimes, but we can always remain steadfast in faith that his divine will is the right and perfect will. This type of faith is hard at times, but it is God's design for our lives. There will be perplexing, sometimes trying situations that we encounter, but it is not our place to "fix" it or attempt to change the situation, we should remain constant and pray for God's will to be done.

Bless you for your spiritual seeking and desire to build a faith in God. A verse that comes to mind which may encourage you is a promise from God: "Call to me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things which you do not know." Jeremiah 33:3
Another that has been an encouragement to me is "You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart." Jeremiah 29:13
Hang in there Rich, and don't become discouraged. I have no doubt God will reward your efforts.

It amazes me how David was always able to take decisions even when devastated. For me I always don't know which way to turn. I'm specially impressed with his decision to run away from his son though he has fought and won fiercer battles. He rather chose not to allow more bloodshed and trouble in his own house. I pray God to give me such wisdom and insight.

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