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Psalm 126:1-6

I dread going through tough times. But the fact of the matter is, I've been there before (plenty of times), and I know I'll be there again. It's just part of life and that's exactly what I see when I read Psalm 126--a clear message that hard times and circumstances, times of sorrow, times of hurt, times of loss, should be expected as we live for Christ. But the Psalmist doesn't stop on that downer note; He goes on to let us know that we have hope because the Lord will restore us. He will turn our tears into joy. Thank you Lord!

So what are your circumstances today--are you dealing with hard times, or is your situation pretty good right now? Either way, Psalm 126 has something for you. So how will you use and draw on it this weekend? Tami W.

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Our family is there and has been for 6 long years. How we long for the restoration. it seems our family keeps having more and more poured on top of an already hard situation. I could not get through another day if I did not believe in scriptures such as these.

Thank you for today's reading , infact you have lift up my spirit .I 'm going through hard times but after read this psalm I know it 'll soon be over .Thank you for this

Tuff times are part of life. I need a new roof(shingles) on my house. Do not have enough money for job. Do I get upset....NO! I have learned from God's word to trust in Him. Lean not on my own understanding. He will keep you in perfect peace who trust in the Lord. He knows my needs. Praise God from whom all blessing flow. God looks at our attitude in time of trouble. TRUST HIM!

Yes, hard times can be really tough. Yet, when I try to recall a time when God/Jesus felt the closest to me,
and spoke words of comfort to me, my mind always goes back to that time of feeling desperately alone
and abandoned. He spoke to me in the words of a hymn, which have held so much meaning for me ever since. "O God, our Help in ages past.
Our Hope for years to come,
Our Shelter from the stormy blast,
And our Eternal Home."

These lyrics encompass the Alpha & Omega of God. Yesterday, today and forever....He is the same.

I believe Psalm 126 speaks to our attitude and faith in God during times of trial. This may mean shedding some luxuries or assets in the meantime but will eventually bring us closer to God.

I know that God's promises will always be fulfilled, and I also know that I can be very impatient with His timing. I think passages like this one are important reminders that He wants us to focus on eternity-thinking, thus allowing us a glimpse of perspective into His will. Doing so does not necessarily make the earthly heartache go away, but it definitely puts us in the right mindset to embrace His promise.

The Lord does restore us! This Thanksgiving I am so thankful for the many blessings and the many trials. I will be praying for Cheryl and her family-that God will comfort them and draw them close. He uses every situation for His glory! Christ suffered and died that we might live eternally with Him. That is joy!

yes im goin thru very tough times now but i as the bible told us he will never put more on us that we cant bear! as i go thru this christian journey i know that this must come.. trials an tempetations but as the book of isaih 26 v 3 and 4 told me .with that i will never give up!! NEVER !! because i trust in God.

Things are not perfect, but they are pretty good right now, because like the said scriptures: God Is always Good! We have learned from our past circumstances, that God will always make a way. He's the only one we can trust because he'll be there always! Psalm 126 is hopeful!

I was recently sitting at my computer, going over some emails from back to the bible, reading the scriptures that were mentioned, and basically making time for daily prayerful bible study. I try to spend 30 minutes to an hour in Gods word a day, and while this was on going I received a knock at the door. When I answered the door I found that I was being served a summons of garnishment for a bill from long ago. To say this set me back in my studies would be an understatement. I went into a depressed state, trying to understand how at the moment of my submittal to the Holy Word, I was punished with this monetary setback. I continued through the day trying to make sense of this chastisement from the Lord. Toward the end of the day I made the connection that God brings trials on us, and no matter how we perceive them, they are meant for our good. The bill that I was asked to pay was a bill that I accrued of my own accord. I then thought of the bill that our savior Jesus Christ payed on Calvary that was not of his accord, but a debt which all mankind had acrued. Needless to say I prayed to God and thanked him once again for the savior, who died so that all might be counted rightous before God. Hope this sheds some light to others to accept all blessings from the Lord, for no matter how they appear to us, he always has our best interest at heart. Praise be to the Father for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

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