A Good Fear

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Psalm 128:1-6

Two times in Psalm 128 we see that "fearing" the Lord is a good thing. "Blessed is everyone who fears the Lord, who walks in his ways!" (vs.1). "Thus shall the man be blessed who fears the Lord" (vs. 4). So it's important for us to understand what "fearing" the Lord means. The most common definition or understanding is to be afraid, alarmed or concerned about danger. In my mind, that doesn't fit or really make sense here. What does make sense for me is fear meaning reverence, awe and respect.

So what does "fearing" the Lord mean to you? How do you demonstrate this to the Lord? What about to those around you? Tami W.

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Fearing the Lord means being in awe of Him, and respecting Him so much that you are willing to follow as He leads. This was a concept that I never really quite understood when I was younger. I would hear the phrase, but didn't really know what it meant. But now when I hear that I am to "fear the Lord," I think about how I am supposed to be walking in His ways, and submiting to His authority. I think this meaning is lost on a lot of people today. They don't realize what it is to fear the Lord, and that's why it's our responsibility to show others what it looks like.

fearing the Lord to me is "trusting the Lord" . This was learned from my Dad's Scofield Reference Bible -1917

To me, Fearing God means folling His ways.You will command respect and .God will be talking to you one on one

Being the sinner that I am causes me to fear the Lord. Knowing I can never please Him. Thank God for Jesus my savior!

'fearing' the lord to me is not something to afraid' of, to me its a blessing.as we read in (prov.1 v 7) we see that its knowledge also in (psa.112 v 1) its a blessing.in (psa. 111 v10) its wisdom.and David says in (psa. 23 v 4) that he will not fear evil only God, so we see here that God to be feared' is doin good to us.I demonstrate to God by just walking always in faith. with those around me i would demonstrate it by always trying to do the right things .


To me fearing the Lord means fear of losing the Lord

1. "Fearing" the Lord means obeying His commandments (the ten commandments), living a righteous life before Him, loving God with all my heart, mind, soul and strength & my neighbor as myself (which is challenging to do when they're not reciprocating the love!), and worshiping/praising Him for the many blessings that He's given me.

2. I demonstrating my fear of the Lord by trusting in Him, obeying Him, living a righteous/holy life, and by loving the brethren (my brothers and sisters in Christ) and my fellow man.

3. I demonstrate my fear of the Lord to those around me by sharing with them what I know about God, by being honest, trustworthy, kind, compassionate, humble, and having self-control.

fearing is respecting, honoring, etc

Fearing the Lord, is a good, healthily fear. A loving fear, God knows what best for me, so it makes good sense to obey, trust, and fear him; then I'll head in the right direction and stay on the right course day by day.

Hi Tami,

The fear that was referred to in Ps128 is to my understanding is a good fear. This will ensure us as christians to be obedience to Gods word. If we refer to Genesis chapter 6 before God flooded the earth, the world was full of sin but because Noah and his family walk in reverence before God they obtain the favour of God. So that reason why it is stated in verse 1 and 4 that those who walk righteously before God will obtain God's blessing and promises.
Please pray for the youths of our nations who have been blinded by what the devil is doing in this last days. Because the devils knows that these the time that the proprehet Joel prophised.
Have a blessed day.

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