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Judges 13:24-14:20

Today we get our first look at Samson as a grown man, and what we see isn't really what you'd expect, and not particularly impressive spiritually. In fact, as I read about Samson's marriage and the events surrounding it, I found myself kind of scratching my head because it all seems a little odd and even senseless. But here's the thing, God was fully aware of what was going on and He was most certainly working through the situation.

So what does this story show us about how God works? What about who God uses? How is God working in and through you and your unique circumstances? Tami W.

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This is a tricky one for me. Samson is willfully disobeying that which is required of him as a Nazerite, consorting with an enemy people, and is apparently a vain and cruel man. Never the less, sometimes the Lord works through people that might at first glance seem like unsavory individuals. It reminds me that things and people are not always as they appear. An analogy is during my army days, I thought some of the sergeants we had that trained us were bad men, but looking back, and can see that what we learned from them in combat saved us, so in effect, the Lord worked through them in a way that I could not understand at the time, but later came to.

What I've read of samson is that he seemed to be at the point of disobeying God most of the time. But God knows Samson's heart and how he seeks a cause against the enemies Of Israel

It all seems so childish, so senseless. Samson's sexual appetite, his breaking of the Nazirite vows, is bested on his own riddle game, puts his wife and her families lives in danger and the Lord kills 30 men to pay Samsons lost bet. I don't get it.

Godly upbringing is no guarantee of a relationship with God
God gave Samson faith to do many heroic things but they were all motivated by selfish desires.
God is not wringing his hands over the “disappointment” Samson has become. Instead, God is instead using his wayward servant’s sin to achieve his goal. This was a post i read and it made sense to me .By Duncan Ross

These are my thoughts .....
Sampson was so caught up with his own selfish desires but yet God's grace saves him all the time . Grace is something we don't deserve .
God may have these great plans for our lives yet we can mess it up with our sinful desires,when we are carnal and move away from his spirit. Sampson's life was ruled by pride and it blinded him he never even thought about God or even realized he was doing wrong.

I, too am rather perplexed at today's story. To make sense of it, I have to draw from day's past revelations from the story leading up to this point. Yesterday I commented that it appears as thought Samson's parents exercised a mostly "blind faith"...their culture had deteriorated to the point that they were just practicing religion and didn't have a clue about how to properly worship and experience God. Thus, Samson does not have the benefit of proper instruction, so we shouldn't be too surprised at the results. Yet, "...the LORD blessed him. And the Spirit of the LORD began to stir him..." (v.24-25 of chapter 13). God is in the restoration business. That is what the Gospel is all about. The first sin to enter into God's creation separated us from Him, but He loves us so much that He provided a way to restore us unto Himself...Jesus is the way. Now, this story takes place before Jesus was sent, but God's character is unchanging. He's doing the same thing here...working to restore His chosen people unto Himself. The parts of the story that seem to go against God's nature...Samson intermarrying outside of the Jewish nation (this would equate to believers being unequally yoked with unbelievers today...2 Corinthians 6:14), and God not only allowing it but seemingly directing it (14:4), God using Samson's anger as a tool which resulted in the aggravated assault and robbery of 30 seemingly innocent men (I'm unsure of whether the translated "struck down" equates to death or not)...these are the results of a decayed society who is no longer in proper fellowship with their Creator, but God is not deterred. No matter how much we fall for the enemy's tricks and get ensnared into Satan's traps, God is able to work with us and through us to accomplish His purposes which are always good. Let's keep this big picture mentality in mind as we move forward and look to see for ourselves the ultimate good that resulted from all of this...how God ultimately drew a lost and wandering people back into a proper relationship with Himself.

As I think about the scriptures today about Samson, my thoughts took me to Isaiah 55:8-9; God said " For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are my ways, your way". And vs. 9 talks about God's ways and thoughts higher than ours, so He created us and knows all about us better than we know ourselves or anyone else.

The really amazing thing about Samson is that of all the men in Jewish history that accomplished amazing feats, a real example
to follow in faith- Samson is listed in the hall of faith found in Hebrews 11:32. No withstanding all his faults, Samson trusted God!
God worked to give deliverance to His people the Jews through this man,Samson. Since he is in the hall of faith we can expect to meet this brother someday in glory, with his sins washed away in the blood of Christ. What does that say about the grace of God?

I must remember that: GOD is GOD and I am not!

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