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Jude 1-25

We've spent the last four days kind of picking our way through the Book of Jude. But today our wrap up assignment is reading through and considering the Book as a whole. If you haven't yet gone back and read all 25 verses together, take a few minutes and do that now. (And, ask the Lord to show you something specific as you read.)

So what impact did Jude have on you this week? Was there a particular point, phrase, or challenge, that got you thinking, praying, taking action, you name it for the Lord? Tami W.

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I see daily evidence of the great loud-mouthed boasters of sinful choices which gives me even more urgency to keep building my faith and praying. Snatching people from the fire is part of my comission; hopefully I will be wise enough to use mercy with fear and continually look forward to being presented before Jesus - great joy!

I was impressed with the depth of evil present in the world system in which we live. It is a little unclear exactly what the angels did back in v6 or how they did it, but in context they strayed from their path in a sexual way. Is this characteristic of the way things will be again before Christ returns?? How evil can things get? I think we don't understand, as Americans, the evil potential in the world. However, there is victory through Christ!! Know your Bible and walk humbly with the Lord! Reach out to others! This certainly is a very timely message. What a great opportunity we have to live in the times we are living.

Curt's comment got me thinking. I had always thought of angels as a-sexual in nature just as God is though He always referred to as 'He', or 'Father'. Were these angels not the ones who denied God's authority and were cast out of heaven with satan? Maybe someone can enlighten me. Thanks for any input and have a wonderful weekend.

Reply to K.S.- Most people I've read think this refers to the Genesis 6:1-7 account of the evil that ocurred before the flood. I have always struggled with this (as have many others). It is hard to imagine that fallen angels could co-habit with human women. But it must be admitted that something very evil was happening there in Genesis for God to be sorry He made man(v7), and then wipe them out in the flood. Were they fallen angels?? They must have been because good angels do God's bidding.

To K.S.---I'm on the same page as you. I can see how Curt arrived at his conclusion making the statement he did, but as I re-read the text, I see it as the "likewise" referring to the pursuing of an unnatural desire, not the actual deed itself, that being sexual immorality for the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah and the rejection of their assigned duties for the angels...they were, after all, created to serve God (just as we are, btw).

I love the way the supremacy of Christ is reflected in this book and also that all three members of the God-head are so well represented. The contrast of good and evil, the godly and the ungodly, those "devoid of the spirit" and the beloved...the admonition to "keep to our posts" as it were, concerning the ungodly, and allow Christ his rightful place as judge...the call to love the sinner and hate the sin. There's a lot packed into these 25 verses.

To Curt---Devoid of the angels and sex debate, I couldn't agree more with your post. God bless...

Thanks Tom. We can agree to disagree. I am still kind of thinking it through, but my view makes sense of a lot of other scriptures (2Pt 2:4). I don't know that I have heard a good explanation of what was really happening in Genesis from your side. Btw, This is not just fruitless discussion to me, because I happen to believe that evil is going to compound in the last days. I want to prepare my loved ones. God Bless you too.

Thanks Tom. I guess we can agree to disagree. I am still thinking it through but am becoming more convinced as I go. I would like to hear a good, serious, explanation of Genesis 6 from your position someday. This is probably not the right format. Anyway, I think Jude's message is especially poignant due to the belief I hold that in the last days evil will multiply and deception increase along with/or because of demonic activity. I want to prepare my loved ones. God Bless you too!!

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