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Genesis 44:1-34

Joseph's game of cat and mouse with his brothers continues in Genesis 44:1-34. Once again Joseph arranges it to look like his brothers are dishonest, and he specifically sets up Benjamin. So now the brothers are back before Joseph and the penalty for Benjamin's "stealing" is for him to stay in Egypt as a slave. This is about the worst scenario there could be for the brothers. But, Judah steps us and takes action. He tells Joseph all the events and details leading up to Benjamin being allowed to come to Egypt and explains what would happen with Jacob if Benjamin doesn't return. Then Judah offers himself as a substitution for Benjamin. (Pretty courageous.)

So what did you learn from Judah about handling unpleasant business? How will you make sure you respond in the best manner possible the next time you have to deal with an unwelcome task or situation? Tami W.

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Judah appealed to the emotions of his opposer seeking any bit of compassion in his heart that he could. He was selfless and willing to take on the punishment for the sake of his father and younger brothe. He was honoring his father's wishes as best he could. He did not become defensive or aggressive in his responses.

Corporal Dakota Meyer offerred himself to go and rescue his fellow Marines in the face of mortal combat in Afghanistan. By the time he got to them, his brothers were gone and he believed that he had failed in his objective. Others have a different opinion...that his repeated attempts to reach his brothers and get them out alive were selfless acts. Corporal Meyer displayed many positive traits during his rescue attempt, including honor, courage, humility and love. He received the Medal of Honor for his actions.

In my mind, Corporal Meyer and many others follow in the footsteps of Judah and of Jesus by offerring themselves as living sacrifices to protect the innocent and weak. Their motivation is to do the right thing in accordance with God's will and despite man's manipulation, greed and sin. I do not know whether Corporal Meyer is a believer, but I do know his actions are predicated on the examples of such behavior set forth in scripture...

No greater love has a person than to lay down their life for their friends!

Judah kept his promise to his father,even though it would cost him his freedom.His love and concern for his father was greater than losing his freedom.
Selflessness is what we need as Christians.This is often difficult, but i believe that if i focus on being obedient to God regardless of the consequences i Will respond in the best way when faced with difficult circumstances.
obedience in the hard times will be easier if i practice a life of continuous obedience.

This is a very deep question. It leaves me to realize that in unpleasant situations, we should endeavour to be honest, be brave, inspite of the circumstances. If we make a vow, stick to it, as Judah did. Think of the other person and how painful a broken vow could affect him/her. Again, when we are honest, it often open doors; God loves honesty and He restores broken situations.

Interesting to note that Judah was the brother who recommended selling Joseph back in Genesis 37:26
God was working in Judah to change him from sinner to savior. There is hope for us that though we have sinned, God will use it for good and also transform us into His likeness.

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