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Philippians 4:2-9

Philippians 4:6&7 have been two important verses for me over the years. I couldn't even tell you how many times I've specifically turned to this passage for comfort and reassurance. But what it shows me is that I can, and should, put my anxiousness aside because God's got whatever my situation is covered.

How has God been your peace? What will you do to take full advantage of the instruction and promise we're given in verse 6 and 7? Tami W.

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I sometimes struggle not to get caught up in my worries and realize that everything happens for a purpose, and that I have to put my trust in the Lord that all will work out for me.

That kind of peace is in direct proportion to our alignment with and our dependency on Christ...understanding the character and plan of God at His core...His ability to guide our lives in and through every circumstance...and to weave it for our good and to bring us home to Him at the very end to celebrate with earthly friends and family the
God who became our Father in every sense for eternity.

I was reading Luke 16:8 and am not sure as to what it is telling me. Can anyone tell me please?

8 “The master commended the dishonest manager because he had acted shrewdly. For the people of this world are more shrewd in dealing with their own kind than are the people of the light. 9 I tell you, Use Worldly Wealth To Gain Friends For Yourselves, So That When It Is Gone, You Will Be Welcomed Into Eternal Dwellings.

What I am getting from this is to use your worldly wealth to gain friends for ourselves.

In prov.chap. 3 v 6 tells us exactly how to be in peace with God our father.when we as christians live our lives committed to God he gives us the peace that passeth all when we are goin thru our wilderness we must not worry but believe in him for all things.

When I am walking in the spirit of HIS love I do indeed have a peace that transends all "understanding". But when the flesh takes over for whatever reason, its gone. The only way I've found to get it back is through HIS Word, quiet time, prayer and meditation, put a song in my heart, and stay in my prayer room for as long as it takes to get right with HIM. As you all probably know the flesh wars with the spirit and for me it seems that as long as I'm in the spirit verses 6 & 7 just happen! Thank you for letting me post!

God has convicted me recently of just how much I need to tell Him everything, every single detail to Him in prayer. A friend of mine told me that "not telling God everything is the cancer of spiritual life".

Another friend told me that it is only when we go to God with our worries, our junk, our sin, "letting it all out" to Him, is when we are healed. This is true, messy worship. God can take it. God can take our utter honesty and change us in the process.

Have I been doing that? No, I have discovered that I am afraid of intimacy and of how much I need to change. Do I need to be doing that? Yes, everyday.

Help me, God!

I loved the part of the verse that states that when we give all of our anxieties to God and ask Him for our needs, He will "guard our hearts" with His peace. And that we need to set our minds on things from above.

I have had multiple struggles in my life where I have had to do just that - cast my anxieties on Him. I especially find it difficult trusting God with my life when the hormones that come after having my babies makes me feel so much anxiety, but I have clung to these verses and God has answered His promise. He has given me peace! He is so good.

I know I need to pray more, to let go and let God take full and complete control, only I wish someone understood my situation and could assist me in handling it in a better way. I honestly desire to serve the Lord.


Starting at verse Luke 16:1, we see that the manager had not been a good manager with the finances that were assigned to him. So, he is going to lose his job and no one is going to hire him or trust him. Therefore, he realizes that he needs to look out for himself. So what does he do in response to that; he offers deals to the people that owed money to his boss hoping that by saving them a few bucks they will be his friends—give him a job, help him out of this mess that he has made.

(Verse 10) The story then goes on to tell us that we should use our money wisely. By being generous to others here on earth. Our true riches are in heaven not here on this earth and we cannot take money with us nor will it buy us a place in heaven. Jesus goes on to say that if we can be trustworthy with what he gives to us here—sharing it with others—then we can be trusted with true riches-salvation and eternal life in heaven.

(Verse 13) expounds on this by telling us that we cannot serve two masters. We cannot serve money (selfish gains for ourselves) and serve God. Bottom line all things belong to God and do not belong to us. Sinners are better at doing whatever it takes in order to get ahead in this world than the Pharisees (self-righteous people) are at doing whatever it takes to get into heaven—serving God only, loving God with all our heart and loving others more than ourselves!

Hope this help you.


I have found that when I consistently pray about something-keep it continually before the Lord-He gives me that peace and confidence I need to trust Him to take care of it. The more I keep it before Him the less I worry about it. My problem is that I neglect to do this in every situation. We have a tendancy to forget what God has done for us from one situation to the next. Somewhere along the way we begin to think that we can handle it ourselves. I need to remember to always immediately give it to the Lord as soon as it comes up.

This Beautiful Scripture is very special to me, because it reminds me of why I have my "GOD JAR". God has blessed me with a very special young lady in my life, who I will refer to as my adopted daughter. Her name is Carrie. She introduced me to the "GOD JAR" when I was going thru some serious anxiety issues. Every morning when I get up, I have a little post it paper that I write all the names of my loved ones, who I have issues with over one thing or another. Issues, that I have no control over, whatsoever, before I drop that little post it paper into my "GOD JAR", I tell God that I am lifting these loved ones up to Him, because I know that He is the One that is totally in control of what goes on in my life. I had to learn the hard way, because I am stubborn. Since I have been
doing this, the PEACE that HE has blessed me with has been overwhelming to me, and I Thank Him everyday. God Is Faithful!!

God gave me great peace with my parents passed away.

This is a wonderful scripture. I've lived in worry and anxiety which drains the life out of me. Since I've come back to the Lord I have been "in practice" of letting go and realizing that no matter what I do it's in His hands. I love the "GOD JAR" by the way! It's definitely work letting go of old habits but just when I think I'm losing the battle or I'm failing Him He lifts me up and reminds me in some way or another that He's driving and I should just let go of the wheel because my GPS is broken and I'm capable of driving myself into a hole with worry! ;)I've still got a long way to go but knowing that the Lord is with me through these difficult times and that I can let it all out with messy crying prayer makes everyday just a little brighter.

Thank you for this blog!

God has been my peace by just being there. He is like a column that never moves, no matter how often you go away and return or no matter how often there are quakes, the column stays in place. Its comforting to know that He is there and he is cares about waht happens to me.

How will I take advantage of the instruction and promise? I will obey...what else is there to do but pray and pray some more and focus on the immovable God that cares deeply about me and what happens to me.

Thank you so much Kathy for sharing your story about the God jar. It brought good tears. Thank you. God is so GOOD ALL the time! Could you please pass onto Carrie, thank you for you help in Kathy's life, and by that, you have helped someone else. I do have to say, I am also going to share this wonderful idea with a friend of mine. thank you again so much for sharing!!
Have a wonderful day!!!

Sharon I will be praying for you. God knows what you are going through.

Juliana, I will be praying for you. You are right we need to trust and tell God everything. He is there for us. He already knows everything about us and what we are going through. He wants us to trust Him, and to rely on Him, and we can.
Have a wonderful day.

I want to say amen to the comments that Jayna made to Dora. I also want to add that the master in verse 8 is the unjust stewards boss which says is a rich man in verse 1. So, he commended him because he probably would have done the same thing. The master probably fits into the catagory of one who serves his money,(verse 13). Also, Jesus was not commending the steward for his cunning deceit, but He was commending his concern about the future, dedication, and energy. THis is an illustration of how we as Christians ought to be dedicated and use our energy to make friends for our future home, Heaven. How do we do that? Using our resources like money to help those in need and espeically the greatest need of all and that is a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Dear Kathy--rejoice--that was a beautiful demonstration of walking by faith. The first thing I thought of was JESUS' Words: "No greater faint have I seen." Have a blessed day my friend! And thank you for sharing that.

I liked Jayne's words @ the top of the page. I thought they were elequently placed. It left me saying W0W. Thank you Jayne!

I agree with Davids Comment because i do struggle not to worry but i do,and even when i say let the Lord have his way i still fail to belief, but deep down he knows best for us and will not give us more then we can bear.

God has been my peace when I don't understand why I do things, he loves me for doing them, and also shows me ways to avoid doing them. To take full advantage of the instruction and promise that we are given in verses 6 and 7, I will do my best to not worry about things that I cannot control, as well as not being so caught up in myself that I cannot focus on the one person who deserves my whole, undivided devotion.

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