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Philippians 4:10-23

Paul gave me a gentle but good reminder in Philippians 4:10-23 of how important it is for us to be helping other Christians in need, and in this particular passage, he hits physical needs pretty solidly. Now maybe you're thinking, I barely have enough money to cover my (or my family's) needs, so how can I help others? Well, there's no indication from Paul that helping with physical needs is just financial. Helping someone could be by giving away fruit or vegetables you've grown in your garden, or inviting someone over for a meal, or offering to watch someone's kids or driving a little out of your way to carpool. The message for me was that it's not about amount. What's important is that we're open and generous when it comes to helping a brother or sister in Christ who's in need.

So any other suggestions or thoughts on ways we can reach out and help others with physical needs? Who do you know that might need a helping hand? What can you do, even this weekend, to be a helper? Tami W.

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I have come to realize that where every my foot treads is my mission field whether it be at work, in the grocery store or at the gas pump. I pray that I have eyes to see the need and give a helping hand or an encouraging word. I hope that my life reflects the gospel of Jesus to those I meet in my daily walk.

"A friend in need is a friend indeed?!" and "Do something nice for someone and and don't let them find out you did. If they do find out, then it doesn't count." Adios! te amo y via con Dios mi amigos!

I'm a semi-retired part - time teacher. I keep thinking of a middle aged single mother at school who is doing student teaching. I just met her a couple of weeks ago, so I don't know much about her, but since she goes by Mrs., I assume she's either divorced or is a widow. She knows I go to church, and she asked me to pray about her situation. Her car needs repairs and she's financially strapped. She thinks maybe she needs a different car. I, myself, don't make much money, and it seems like I'm always giving. You know how it is, there's tithing to the church, then there's giving extra to the church for other things like the building fund (we're in the middle of a $17,000,000 - yes that's a seventeen million dollar building fund campaign) to renovate and build on to a church that we started at a second campus), and then there are a multitude of missionaries needing our support. There are also widows who I have given to financially. Then there are all the para - church organizations who need our help. It's like: where does it end? I know I must sound selfish, but I myself can't even afford health insurance, and yet I feel guilty if I'm not always giving to everything and everyone. Forgive me for saying this, but I often wonder what percentage of their income those people are giving who are always encouraging me to give. Sorry for running on, but see, I'm feeling like I should give something to this lady at school who shared her need with me, and I guess I'm just struggling with it. Someone has said that when we give, we shouldn't look at how much we'll have left after we give, but if we believe God is in it, just give and trust Him to supply our need. I guess I'm having trouble trusting.

Jayne what confused me was this 9 I tell you, Use Worldly Wealth To Gain Friends For Yourselves, So That When It Is Gone, You Will Be Welcomed Into Eternal Dwellings.

I understand it as use Worldly wealth to gain friends for myself so when my wealth is gone I will be going to heaven. If I use my wealth to get friends then I go to heaven. That doesn't seem right to use others.

No, we do not get into heaven if we give all of our money away. We are allowed into heaven because of the free gift of Christ love for us; his atonement made for us on the cross for our sins.
It is very important that we look at the verses that surround Luke 16:9 so that we do not get confused at what is being told to us. This story is about someone that loves money more than God. Jesus is telling them that they need to rid themselves of the value that they place on money. When we do give our money to others, if they know about the gift it does in deed often change how that person feels about us—they become our friends. Note that this is not the way we should base our friendships with others, but this is how the world’s ungodly people tend to be.

Jesus is saying in verse 9 that these people that are putting love of money ahead of God in their hearts need to change. They have to give up their love of money in order to get a place in heaven. As a result of giving to others they do make friends here on earth.

If you look back in Mark 10:17-25 we read the story of the rich man that asked Jesus what he must do to inherit eternal life. Jesus told him to sell all that he had, because he had a love for money.

There are many things in this world that we do put ahead of God. For some it is money, other our good deeds, our jobs, family, our self, ect. God wants us to put him ahead of everything in this world to put all of our confidence in Him that he will supply all our needs.


Thank you for revelation knowledge. I have read this scripture countless times and have never ever interpreted it like this.V.13 in particular has always been the encouraging word when going through tough situations.
I am soooo thankful for your ministry. I do not have to look far to show kindness, the needs are all around. Thank you I will do something about this new knowledge.

Thank you Jayna for taking the time to clear that up for me.

i think this is the scripture which i needed to start of my day knowing i can do all things through christ who strengthens me it has just helped me to realise that i do not have to fret over how things are but have to realise that with Christ by my side i can attain anything and it reminds me that i should be thankful for where i am but most importantly if wedepend in Christ we can endure anything we have a great God who can do within us what we cant do for ourselves

I am not employed therefore I am financially low. Hence, I give of myself... yesterday, I met two young men coming from the hospital, one had a broken hand (put in a cast) and the other a damaged foot, walking on a brace and blind...(one was trying to lead the other). I was able to assist them along the roads and get them both onto the public transport. Today (02/09) - I met a lady, trying to get up some stairs, struggling with shopping bags. Again, I was able to assist by holding the bags until she climbed the stairs. There is a brother in church, who is blind and I take much pleasure in holding his hand, leading him to the different places on the church compound. I dont know how this may sound, but I enjoy doing these things. I also delight in working with children.

Sharing what one has with other Christians is part of supporting each other,coming along side of a sister or brother, and in sharing with a new Christian the love that God gives us makes their new walk less lonely if they are leaving old friends and family behind.
Allowing the world to see us helping each other in many different ways is another way of showing God's love to those who don't understand.
But helping those in need without knowing if they know God, if one of the best ways of showing how huge God's love is. It is planting seeds that may not grow right away, but they will grow.

Physical needs are great to help but what about hurting needs that can not be seen but heard by the cry for help.There are a lot of hurting people out there and I was one.Now because of the deep hurt I received from a close friend [Brother in the Lord} I can not understand and have walked in the foot steps of a hurting person.We need to just listen to the hurting person until we understand his/her hurts. Then only can we be of help.It takes a hurting person to understand a hurting soul.
We have to walk in their shoes to understand.

Love is spelt "T I M E ". To spend time with the person rather than just say I'll pray for you and leave the person still out in the woods.

It's time Christians start to listen with their hearts rather than just their ears.
Look for the signs. A hurting soul will show it.Pray before going to spend time with them.I'm then sure God will give you the wisdom to help them.

I am constantly amazed by elderly people who have family around, but unwilling to help. Widows forgotten, elderly put off. I know there can be circumstances that end relationships, but I have also seen perfectly healthy family units put parents in a "home" and forget them or are 'to busy' to remember them.

And then I see all the teenagers out there craving love. What a match those two would make. The wisdom and love of the elderly matched with the energy and new ideas of youth. And so much time available to them both. Time wasted infront of tv/games or sitting in a lonely chair, staring at memories of long ago, with no one to share them with. But put them together and you have love feeding need in both directions. There are so many needs, dr. appts., personal outings, or just a visit. And so much loneliness to be filled. Love to be given and to be gotten. And the blessings that flow forth. Even a simple act of taking fruit or cookies once a month to share with conversation to a 'forgotten' neighbor, or widow, or person in a retirement/nursing home. The riches abound and the blessing flow.

So many opportunities for all, so many blessings... God gives an abundance of both.

Physical needs are what many Christians become caught up with whenever they think of helping out another individual. I believe that you can help someone by simply be kind and listening to them. I know that I use to think that all I could do to help was to give money. I am a second year teacher who just bought a house and could not see how I could possibly give money and support myself.

For me, helping others begins with family.I recently learned that we can see God's hand work when we reach out and help our parents by doing dishes, giving them things that they need like clothes and food. Our helping doesn't need to go around the world it can go very simply by helping out our moms, dads, brothers, sisters, and other family members.

Helping out with physical needs on campus could be an easy thing to do, or it could be extremely difficult. If you are going for the financial needs, it would b e extremely difficult for a college student to help in that way. However, if you are helping in a way that uses what materials we are given in excess, we would be able to help those around us. I know people that don't have homes, or don't get to eat good meals, that would benefit from being able to partake of a meal on campus, and even just sit inside somewhere nice. I and a friend would like to set up an organization on campus where you can donate the meal swipes that you don't use in a week, to those who don't get to eat as well as we do. This would benefit others, and also benefit us in the fact that we would get to delight in helping those that aren't as fortunate as we are.

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