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Genesis 41:37-57

Joseph's life has taken a dramatic turn as we get to Genesis 41:37-57. He's no longer in prison but is now second in command in all of Egypt. Is God amazing or what? As Joseph is running Egypt, he also starts his family and we see that he and his wife have two sons. Joseph names them Manasseh and Ephraim and continues to honor God with the names he selects. It was the meaning of those names that touched my heart as I read today, and particularly the definition of Ephraim. "'For God has made me fruitful in the land of my affliction.'" This really got me thinking about how just because I may not be thrilled with my situation (I may even be hurting and feeling miserable) that doesn't mean God isn't using me in and through that situation for His purposes. Bottom line--we're called to be fruitful wherever we're at.

So where do you find yourself today? In a good spot, in affliction or somewhere in between? Whatever the case, how can you be fruitful in it? Tami W.

P.S. Today is a tough day as we remember the tragic events of September 11th. I encourage you to pray for those who are grieving and still feeling the effects of such tremendous loss. May each of us fully embrace being lights in a dark world--bringing hope to the hopeless.

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I can't imagine being blessed with the total understanding and discernment that Joseph had. He was 'completely' trusted by his 'boss.' I wonder if there are many workers in this time period whose boss gives them free reign and tells all others to 'do whatever Joseph says to do.' Joseph knew how to plan ahead and continually did things that would help all the people. Helping others instead of focusing on ourself seems to be a key in this story. It is much more rewarding and glorifying to God to keep our eyes on Him and our helpfulness on others. Wow - being so selfless is a good challenge to work for.

It is so encouraging that as followers of Christ and enlisted in His service we can recieve new instructions for our work each day. The many possibilities of being fruitful for Christ, in relation to other people, I find a daily adventure. Each day starts with submission and prayer for direction. Then, looking for people to whom I may impact for God, allows me to stay connected in His work. Today I am praying about how I may be used to encourage my brothers and sisters at church.

Most of don't ever think taht we can find people that are totally trustworthy these days.Just 2 weeks ago our son was on his way from taking our grand-daughter up to school in NYC, and on their way back trying to out run the hurricane the altinator failed on their van. They stopped in a town in New Jersy and they found a mechanic that said that he would be able to get them on the road again. Well he fixed the van and when they went to pay him they were scrounging to find enough money to pay for the reapair. Well as it turned out the mechanic said it looked as though they needed the money to get back home so he told them in good faith that they could go on home and when they got home they could send the money. That you don''t find in this day and age. Well they got home and did just what they said the would do. It good to hear stories about people that are willing to trust you just on a hand shake. God Bless. This helps me keep faith in most of the people or the USA.

Like Paul speaking in Philippians 4:11, God's grace has provided me with the tools to be content in whatever circumstances I find myself in. At times, you forget to use the tools, but they are there. It's all about perspective. When you've realized this, the world looks upon your situation as afflicted, but you don't necessarily feel that way yourself. Being fruitful under these circumstances can be extremely rewarding spiritually speaking, and isn't that what really matters anyway...the forever things that the world can't take away from you? I currently find myself in one of these situations where most people would be streaking for the exit, but with God as my strength, I can honor Him and endure. He has provided me the opportunity to serve and uplift others in the midst of it, which provides such spiritual rewards that my joy overflows. When you've experienced that, you are living Romans 5:3-5 (look it up and meditate on that passage, research sermons given on it). And when you realize that, you will become overwhelmed with awe for our Creator.

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