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Ephesians 5:22-33

Although Ephesians 5:21-33 is often viewed as controversial, anti-woman and restrictive, I don't find it that way at all. When you really jump into these verses and consider the passage as a whole, not pulling out portions by themselves, you'll see that all Paul has done is describe for us a properly functioning marital relationship. It's really a wonderful picture of teamwork in marriage--two very different people loving and supporting each other.

What did Ephesians 5:21-33 show you about the husband-wife relationship? What about Christ's relationship with the Church? Tami W.

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This past Sunday our Pastor taught on this very thing! He said that the word "(wives) submit" isn't in the original Greek text. It's understood. The intention here is more like a picture of the husband being the power source (love your wife as Christ loves the church) and when he DOES ACTIVATE himself as a utility of love for her, the wife gladly plugs into him (submission) knowing he'll bring life to her thru the washing of the word, thus purifying the relaionship! (submssion to each-other and Christ:))

Again and again, passages in the New Testament ask us to act in a loving way toward others, whether husband or wife, slave or owner, etc. The nature of the relationships discussed often involved inequality and even unfairness; at that time, husbands and wives had different status and roles, and, thankfully, our culture does not allow slavery any longer. I think that the message implies to couples today that they should show mutual love and respect and treat each other as valued partners in life.

My best friend's mom used to say, "If a husband is living the way he's supposed to, a wife will WANT to submit to him." Now obviously, a wife is called to submit to him anyway, but that is just so true and the Bible basically confirms that. I'm to submit to my husband as head of my house - like the church submits to Christ - and he is to love me as Christ loved the Church - by giving up His life for us. If we both do what we're supposed to do - what God has called us to be as husband and wife, our marriage can only be blessed! Not easy all the time, but blessed by God!

hi this plaqce is playing a big role in my life helping me to realise that all that i need in my life is christ but well it doesnt mean a trouble free life my name is tafadzwa and would like you guys to pray for the strengthning of my inner man because things my family wow thats something else i think my father is facing an economic down turn in his life and this indirectly has affected everyone as a student studying abroad it doesnt make things any easyits a constant struggle everyday but becoz of God i can always decide to put up a smile and count my blessings and would just want you guys to put me in your prayers becoz they say a problem shared is a problem half solved

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