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Psalm 114:1-8

"Tremble, O earth, at the presence of the Lord. . ." (Psalm 114:7). I found Psalm 114 a good reminder of God's authority, power and sovereignty. Reading this passage, there's no doubt that God is in control of everything, and we need to recognize this and operate accordingly.

So how do we develop an attitude of reverence (trembling) toward the Lord? What do you do to keep who God is at the forefront as you go about your life? Tami W.

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Everytime there is a storm I am reminded of God's mighty power over nature. I also like to reflect on His attributes and His names. He is Holy; no one in all the earth is Holy, perfect in all His ways. He is just; He is righteous. He is forgiving; who am I to hold onto any unforgiveness or keep a record of wrongs? All I have to do is look within and see how wretched I am without Him. I don't like to do that though because it depresses me. I think when I keep in touch with Him asking Him to show me anything that grieves His Holy Spirit and talk to Him about my failures, it helps me because I lived so long in condemnation because of a very sensitive conscience. I remind myself of the blood of Christ which cleanses me from all sin. I rest in Him, He is my shelter. Keeping in His word and not allowing anything in my life that would grieve Him without being legalistic. Turning off that TV and spending time in His word, listening to praise music and Christian radio, reading magazines about the persecuted church, talking with believers and praying together.

I remember when I was little and wanted to do something outside but it was raining heavy (Ohio rain) I was already soaked because I was too far from home to make it back (IOW:"I" was so sure it wasn't going to rain that I went out to do what I was going to do) So I sat down and told GOD: "YOU can make it rain all you want, I'm not going in the house!" Then the lighting and thunder came! I was in the house lickidy-split. There have been other occurrences in which HE has told/shown me HE is GOD and I am not. I am reminded also of Uzzah when he touched the ark to keep it from falling and died right on the spot! (2 Samuel 6:7) Or the ones in 1 Samuel 6:19 who had looked in the ark of the LORD. I "know" GOD is awesome! Mighty! I am reminded of HIS power and sovereignty when I look up in the sky at night: HE named each and every star! HE put the planets in orbit! HIS glory fills the universe for "all" to see; or look out at the sea, or the mountains, the Grand Canyon. Also when I start to forget the sovereignty of our Almighty GOD (our Father) I have my close friend the Holy Spirit uttering a Stars Wars phase that I pay heed to: "don't go there Luke!" I wish/hope/pray that GOD will make my heart HIS sanctuary and my body HIS dominion (that's what I want!) I go for now (quiet time has now been interrupted) I hope everyone has a blessed day! GOD bless you and yours and I love you & there's nothing you can do about that:-)

Our heavenly father makes himself at home in me by his holy spirit, which his son said he would and did send back to me and you. The comforter and councilor. I do not fear I will have to tremble before god as long as I am covered in the shed blood of the lamb. Are you washed in the blood,
In the soul-cleansing blood of the Lamb?
Are your garments spotless? Are they white as snow?
Are you washed in the blood of the Lamb?
Although I will stand in awe and bow in submission at his presence!
Via con Dios amigos

God's word is-
1. Supernatural in origin;
2. Eternal in duration;
3. Inexpressible in valour;
4. Infinite in scope;
5. Regenerative in power;
6. Infallible in authority;
7. Universal in application;
8. Inspired in totality.
Read it through, write it down; pray it in; work it out; pass it on.
The word of God changes a man until he becomes an Epistle of God

I must confess that these questions have been tough for me. Of course I will get up early to have my prayer/devotions and I will meet my husband at night for couples reflection. However, I am not sure I would say God is kept at the forefront as I go about my life.

Ive been considering that lately and I think this passage is a remindewr that somethings needs to be done. It seems as if once I get to my desk...nothing else can be on my mind but work.

So how does one really develop and attitude and posture of reverence? And I mean not occasionally but all the time. Any suggestions anyone?

Thanks Madondo!

Something that works for me is: singing a gospel song. I sing it, whistle it, hum it; it gets on my mind and into my heart and I am happy/content.

from i was a child i was very afraid of lightening whenever its raining an i see the lightening am so scared cant wait for it to be over. the bible says the fear of the Lord is the begining of in the scripture says Tremble. thou earth means we should at all times make reverence to God;s words an his callin.

Gen, I have patients that I see every 45 minutes. I pray for them silently and ask God to lead me to minister to them. I am often led to mention my faith and my own healing through Christ. It's amazing to me that people open up so easily. No one has mentioned being offended either to me or to my boss. I'm not sure how this helps when you are at your desk. Perhaps a prayer before starting work and praises while you are working for all the little things God does. Just carrying on a conversation with God (like you would with a good friend) as you sit at your desk. And a simple 'thank you' when you are done. A thank-you for His gifts He has given you to complete your job.

Thanks Guys!

Special thanks to Jimmy and Trisha. I will try these suggestions.

Thanks Guys!

Special thanks to Jimmy and Trisha - I will definately try your suggestions - they seem quite interesting and should be effective.

Thanks again

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