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Ephesians 5:1-21

Paul doesn't pull any punches and that's certainly true in Ephesians 5:1-20. His opening words pretty much lay it out for us. "Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children" (Ephesians 5:1).

As I thought about this charge from Paul, the game Cranium came to mind. Cranium is a board game played in teams where the teams have to solve problems based on categories. My favorite category is called "Star Performer." How it works is one person from the team draws a card with a person's name on it. They then have to act out, with or without using phrases like a famous line from a movie or "I was married to ____" to get their team members to correctly guess the person. It's a ton of fun...unless you're the chosen actor and you aren't familiar with the person on the card. You're basically stuck.

So, back to Ephesians 5:1. Paul tells us to be imitators of God. But just like in Cranium, in order for us to imitate God, we have to know who He is and things about Him. So where does that happen? Through His Word because that is where God reveals His heart and mind to us.

How often do you really think about imitating God? How can you be more intentional about this? What are some ways you imitated God in the last week? Tami W.

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It strikes me as interesting that Paul tells us to imitate God, not Christ. When I think of imitating Christ it seems easier because we have a clear role model in the New Testament. When I think of imitating God that seems more daunting, especially when I consider the Old Testament image of God. Thankfully, Paul goes on to tell us how we are to behave and we're not left to figure it out on our own. I'm still mulling over what it means to imitate God. Is that even possible? It would be like a child trying to mimic her mother! But that is how we learn and the Bible is the best place for us to observe God.

Never thought of that Cindy - that IS interesting!

When I think of imitating God, I think Christ too - but maybe that's ok since they are both God. God the Father is a little harder to wrap my brain around to imitate because my mind goes to the Old Testament and many of the things we see there, He's having to take people out or we read about His wrath.

As mentioned before, it is hard to wrap our minds around the idea of imitating allmighty God, but Jesus himself says "If you really know me, you will know my Father as well." John 14:7 In Leviticus we are asked to be holy. God would not ask us to be holy if he didnt believe we could do it. I believe that this can be accomplished through a good relationship with him. Not in vain are we encouraged to pray without ceasing and to meditate in his word day and night. I recently began doing two things with my son on a daily basis. Praying with him in the morning and asking the Holy Spirit for guidance, and a 30 min. Bible reading in the evenings. I also signed up to receive "powered by 4". To me these are tools that help me be intentional about being like Him. I find myself less likely to be dishonest, angered, and disobedient than when I don't do pray or read his word.

Imitating God is indeed daunting, I agree with you, Cindy. Christ came to earth to give us an example of how to live. I try to refrain from gossip, keep faith active in all my relationships, have mercy toward my pets. I am struggling now with my beloved dog Jake battling hip dysplasia, incontinence, senility and general old dog troubles. Is euthanasia really kind? Would I be putting myself in the place of God? Doesn't God know what my dog needs better than me? In imitating God, I do my best to keep him comfortable and safe.

when i look at this scripture it reminds me as an individual that there are a lot of things which we have to let go and allow God to do in our lives the scripture pinpoint something intresting in vs 17 when it says we have to understand Gods will that really strikes me as an individual that before we do anything we have to searcg for his willlike what Jesus did therefor i guess most of our unanswered questions are found when we relinquish power and allow God to take the reigns over our lives like what Jesus did when he was in gethsemane when he prayed father let your will be done when you look at that story clearly it pinpoint a lot that Jesus knew that God knew what was best for and for us to find most of this answers is to make sure we are in God presence i think thats why paul pinpoint that we should be imitators of God again when i look at this it shows me that when i look backi should be thankful to God and when i look forward i should trust God and when i look around i should serve him andwhen i look within I should find God in me. God closes doors no man can open and opens doors no man can shut

Today is my 1st day on P4 and after being saved all these years; I'm finally at the point of being ready & willing to eat of the meat of the Word and not just drinking milk. Wow, awesome reading and great comments. In reading everything, I have to go back to Tamy's statement above: " order for us to imitate God, we have to know who He is and things about Him. So where does that happen? Through His Word because that is where God reveals His heart and mind to us." This tells me that in order to imitate God, I have to get into His Word because that's where He reveals His heart and mind. So, I'm feeling really guilty and ashamed of myself and rightfully so! Shame on me. It's time to turn my life around, which is what I'm trying to do. Now for Tamy's questions: "How often do you really think about imitating God?" I can't honestly say that I've thought of my walk as imitating God. Sad, but true. It's definately something that I have to think about on a conscious level. "How can you be more intentional about this?" Well, again, I have to think about my walk in those terms. I need to write these kind of questions down in a journal where I can always look back on it and remember. Another way I can be more intentional is to get in and read the Word so I can find and discover God's heart and mind. Like Tamy said, that's how it's done. The last question she asks is, "What are some ways you imitated God in the last week?" Plain and simple, if I haven't thought of my walk in that way, I haven't done anything. However, I've been trying to work on reading the Bible and have downloaded and printed out a guide on reading the Bible the right way. I've been watching and paying more attention to my words and my thoughts, or trying to. When I mess up, I ask for forgiveness. And I think the biggest thing I've done is join this P4. One of the most important things you can do when reading the Word is to have someone to be accountable to. This P4 is one of the ways I can be more accountable and (hopefully), have my new knowledge run by someone that is more "Bible Savvy and Knowledgeable." Not doing that can cause you to interpret scripture incorrectly. Is that a possibility Tami? How and can I run new knowledge I've learned by someone on this website and get a "Yes you're correct," or "No, this is what that really means?" If I can't do it here, can you give me a recommendation? I'm getting ready to move and have to find a new Church.

Hi Cheryl,

Welcome to Powered by 4! And thank you so much for jumping right in and commenting. That’s exactly how we hope people will use P4. You asked if it is possible to misinterpret scripture. Absolutely and that’s why it’s so important for us to ask the Lord to help us understand what we take in from His Word each time we’re in it. (I’m actually talking about this in one of the blogs for this weekend). P4 is designed to help people engage God’s Word—that is receive, reflect and then respond to it—on their own. So you won’t find a right or wrong answer guide anywhere. But, we will try to guide you along and, if you run into things you don’t understand or have questions about, please don’t hesitate to blog in about that. We’d be happy to help you find the answers or sort through what you’re trying to understand. Tami W.

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