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Philippians 2:12-18

Paul talks about us "shining as lights in the world" in Philippians 2:12-18. So I started thinking about what being a shining light means and this hit me--being a shining light ultimately means we are representatives, public relations specialists of Christ (I like that title, by the way). And, that being the case, our "shining" needs to be a way of life (a standard or default) for us as Christ-followers.

So do you see yourself as a public relations specialist for Christ? What are some things you do or have done to fulfill this role? Tami W.

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Tami asked: "do you see yourself as a public relations specialist for Christ?" The honest answer is no. I am afraid to share Jesus Christ with anyone if I am to be the initiator. I'm petrified I'll say the wrong thing. Coupled with the fact that I'm shy and quiet by nature anyway. I'm 57 yrs. old, missing my left leg; I got battle scares (for lack of a better phrase) from living on the wrong side of the tracks for so long. In a nutshell: I look pathetic! Although, I want no pity, I'll kill myself doing it on my own before I'll ask for help. I do have (I believe) one ...? (you can fill in the blank) ... testimony to share with the youth about life on the wrong side, that I'm pretty sure will prevent a lot of them from living the life I did for so long. About the only clue anyone would see about me that might indicate that I am a Christ-Follower is my little wooden cross that I wear around my neck as an indicator that I am a good person and can/will help if you need me. I know that the cross represents the love of GOD and I wear it to show that I love GOD, Jesus and you! For those who like to kick a man when he's down, save it, you can't hurt me anymore, savvy? Nor talk about prosthesis, they're fake and I don't like them. I am sorry that every time I try to answer one of these questions it "always" turns to me!!! I guess I am an introvert (whatever that is). I know this: I can be the nicer guy you might ever meet, and I already know that I can be that person you don't want to meet. The one I try so hard not to be. The one I believe GOD gives me credit for being! I ask for prayer because I need it. GOD knows me!

I see myself as a good witness for Jesus Christ by simply living Christ-centred and Word-oriented.
I love to serve others and share God's Love in thoughts and deeds.
As well as,Mentoring others and leading them to live godly lives by being a godly example.

Thanks for writing and being vulnerable and saying what is on your heart. God' loves all us pathetic people and why we aspire to be more like Him and show the love of God to all, pathetic or not. Good for you for showing your faith, you are a great example to me and I thank you for reminding me of that. I will pray for you and you can pray for me because we all need prayer to survive in this often harsh world. Thanks for exposing your heart and letting others in. I think it is the only way we heal is if we open ourselves up to God and others. Bless you now and always.

thanks for sharing about your testimony, i find myself in down a similar path, down on my life and wondering how did i get here. A brother told me that i have a spirit of negativity in me which i tried to reject but wasn't helpful at all. I have a character trait similar as you, 'shy and introverted' but you know that our God uses the weak to humble the strong, he uses the foolish to make the wise look stupid. i have wasted my life to an addiction, living my youthful years pursuing that addiction, it was as bad as doing drugs. i thought i know God but i didn't because his works wasn't manifested in me as evidence. Though there were pockets of 'good deeds' done here and there, it was all done on my own strength, they didn't last because i burnt out soon after (on the contrary, what is done by God will never burn out) It was when i have reached that point in my life where i realized that i cant do anything myself, and surrender fully to God, things start changing, i give him my F's, my failures, and he gives me His A's, His acceptances. as i receive more of his acceptance knowing that i am loved by Him and invite him to more areas of my life, he starts working out things in my life with other people. he prompts me to start reading the bible and listening to sermons like Back to the Bible at 10 every night, I overcame my addictions and now consider myself a free man. i found freedom through Christ. In the last two weeks, i shared the gospel to two people, i shared my testimony, of how God changed my life.

it is obvious that we are COMPLETELY INCOMPETENT of sharing the gospel or being good ambassadors for Christ. We need Christ to work in us.

"for it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for(D) his good pleasure."Philippians 2:13

Because if we can do it ourselves, we don't need God. and that's not GOd's will is. God's will is to work in us. Dont give up kenny, i know it sounds cliche, but set some time aside and ask God to work through you as Philippians 2:13 says.


Now to answer Tami's question,
I do see God is turning me into one, and what i have done to get here? I simply wait upon the lord, trusting that He is good and will take care of me. Putting on a different mindset as Romans 12 says, renewal of the mind. instead of thinking about "I can do this, i can make myself a good ambassador" (doesn't that sound like a pharisee?) we should think about the true reality. "we're sinners and we're incompetent to love God, we don't deserve to be with God, but God has chosen us regardless and is excited to make us into vessels of good use, and we should rejoice because of that!"

its not about who we are, but what he has done and will do, its not about what we can do, but because of who he is.

Thinking about the past good things he has done and trust that "he who started a good work will continue until completion."-Philippians

How about v.2 being "likeminded" and of 1 accord, of 1 mind. This seems like an excellent way to make Christian-friends. Granted Christians do do a good job of staying together; but how about those I think Jesus wants us to bring back to HIM: like the 1 & 99 sheep parable, or even the ox that falls in a ditch on the Sabbath? Aren't we suppose to help each other out and leave who(m) GOD opens the door for to GOD? I mean what does HE require of us other than to do justly and love mercy and walk "humbly" with HIM, to be mindful(helpful-seems to be the only definition I can think of here) to the widow and the orphan. I have given away clean shirts (as well as pants and shoes, etc.) and the coat off my back, as-well-as my last buck?! Why? Because I wanted to! I cared enough to do whatever "I" could do. I find that I always have a choose; right/wrong, good/evil. I am guilty of violating Proverbs 17:5, though. Please forgive! Identifying the problem is one-half of the solution. Via con Dios amigos.

I think I get it!!! Let my "actions" speak louder than my words, Amen?

I mean as long as my actions are good fruit like: love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, kindness and self-control. I must make lemon-aide now, for my friends and family! May GOD bless all!!!

You know Paul became all things to all people in order to spread the gospel. The good news of eternal life through Jesus has (in my opion) become ...? commercialized or something, so-much-so that often just the mention of Christ or Christianity scares(turns-off) the person who is in the most need of it (i.e. the lost). So I often try to just be a friend first and then introduce The Master as the friendship grows, and hopefully I will decrease as HE increases, Amen? Via con Dios!

I use to consider myself a well motivated public relations specialist. I use to go to church five times a week , I was in church more than any other place I loved it best time I ever had in my life God showed me that this particular church was more concerned about money than soul winning so I stopped going there. I also let the devil bring back the old man , the sin and addiction God had delivered me from . I have not been faithful to a church for years. I still feel God's presence when I go to church. but I have been unable to totally submit to a new leader a pastor because I have been holding on to sinful things in my live that I know I need deliverance from. I want so badly to be that guy who use to pray all through the day talking with God about every little thing , I'm Glad I found this ministry while God rebuilds me. I still love to hear and read his word I have only known about this site for a week and I have already learned so much I listened to the whole book of Esther because I got so into the story . I use to read the bible every day and share it when someone would ask me about Christ. pray for me that I completely surrender all to God again I'm a recovering public relations specialist for Christ.

This is what God wants us to do. I find I consciously am trying more to find opportunity to bring a conversation to include God, as faith comes by hearing the Word of God. I think that we must be brave and pray for help as situations arise that we know God can help. With love and gentleness and humility we can get the job done.

I praise the Lord because He has been and continues to be merciful to me, even when I fail to be merciful to others. I praise the Lord because He is forgiving. I praise the Lord because He is my Provider, my Healer, the one who provides Victory over sin, the One who is working on Sanctifying me; because He is my Peace giver, my Shepherd King, and my Righteousness (through Jesus Christ), and I praise Him because He is always There for me. I praise the Father, because He is vigilant - He neither slumbers nor sleeps. I praise You Lord!!!

I think one reason I do not share the good news of the gospel with a dying world is because I wouldn't accept rejection very well. Like, what if I did share the Word with a lost brother/sister and they reject it or even insult my LORD? HE says to turn the other cheek, but that's not "my" nature! My nature wants to fight and defend my LORD (like Peter in the garden). Or I just want to grab them by the shirt and shake them and tell them about the Revelation of Jesus Christ and the end of this world! But thank GOD HE has blessed me with patience & self-control so that I can sit back quietly and wait for the right moment (HIS timing, not mine.) otherwise I be locked up for lunacy &/or fighting. I think if I could share Jesus out there in a dying world, like I do in this blog, GOD could work mightily through me! There's something to pray for. Excuse me while I do, and for all of you also! I love you!

I believe shining for Christ comes through broken vessels; His life in us shines forth! Sometimes we think we have to do everything right and then we'll be a good witness. Christ works in our hearts to show us we can do nothing without Him. He tells us to abide in Him in John 15 and we will bear fruit. I concentrate on spending time with Him and trust Him to produce the fruit. I have tried to do it myself and it made me crazy! Kenny keep looking to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. In the end Jesus said many would say to him, I did this, I did that and He'll say, depart from me, I never Knew you. And to the faithful He said you visited me in prison and clothed me when I was naked, etc. and they said, When Lord did we do that? And He said, If you did it to the least of these my brethren, you did it unto me." These words comfort me because I like you fear rejection and find it difficult to share Christ. But I want to be bold and love Him with all my heart and when I share it will not be because I am feeling guilty but because I love others so much I will be compelled to share! I trust Him and will pray for you. You already have blessed many because of your honesty.

the scripture says if anyone is in christ he is a new creature so i would try an be like Paul an with a passion for God i would reach as many people as possible an tell them about the goodness of god an his mercy towards do not think of myself as higher than i am but always be humble.

Joseph, thanks for your post. We'll definitely pray for your request. Keep pursuing God's always moves us in the right direction Glad you found P4! Tami W.

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