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Psalm 119:97-112 (Mem and Nun)

"Oh, how I love your law!" is the bold proclamation of the Psalmist in Psalm 119:97, and this statement lingered in my thoughts as I read the remainder of the passage. So I read Psalm 119: 97-112 again looking at the reasons the Psalmist gave for his love of God's law. Then, I spent a few minutes mulling over and thinking about loving God's law and what that meant for me. I love all the things the Psalmist writes, and I added some of my own reasons for loving God's Word too. Things like--God's Word gives me reassurance and peace when I'm feeling stressed, and whatever my circumstance, it provides absolute comfort for my heart.

So what about you? Why do you love God's Word? And, how is that love displayed in your day-to-day life? Tami W.

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Each of us need the truths Psalm 119 offers. God's Word is the place of wisdom. I need it to help me plan and live my day. My children, as they return to school, need God's Word to gain true wisdom and knowledge. God's Word provides an understanding that textbooks lack. May God build this great love for His Word into my life and the lives of my family. May it be the heritage we pass to our children.

I agree with you Tammi about the peace and comfort found in God's word. I love God's word because it is my 'lifeline'. It truly gives life to every situation I face. Sanity? Joy? Guidance? Love? I have had the pleasure of finding it all in His precious Word. I once shared this with a friend who was going through a difficult time and she responded , "that's nice but I need something more".

What about me? I find that I have not been in God's word a lot lately but when I was I would enjoy it expecially finding out things that I did not know was there. I miss it and I am trying to get back there but it is a struggle.

I love God's Word for many reasons, but one I would like to share right now is because it is truth. There are not too many places or even wise people we can ALWAYS count on to find truth. We are fallen and sinful. We have moods, preoccupations, bad days. But God is perfect and sinless; and so is His Word. I am so thankful that I can always go to His Word for truth.

The Bible is all about love,forgiveness and guidence but what happens when u read it but don't follow the advice given. Does that mean you're a clanging symbol. So many times I see people at church who r so holy but as soon as they step outside nothing but cuss words.

well for today my bible study was quite different not as normal as usual i felt weak and depressed i felt lyk all my troubles were really overwhelming me and did not just know what step to take its easy sometimes for you to look at the word and want to look holy but wat would you when you feel lyk all you have been doing is in vain and it really seems as if you have lost this was how my morning time was like iy was a moment of discouragement but how amazing it is with God in That time i had a still small voice its ok son i understand its ok for you to feel lyk this i never said it was going to be easy but one thing is for sure i have given you strength for each battle you face instead of God condeming he was encouraging me and the scripture which i opened really amazed me it was the scripture john 20 and it was the time Jesus had resurected from the dead but among his disciple not everyone believed and it was Thomas and wat amazes when Jesus enters the room he goes straight to thomas and helped him to believe though he could be seen as a doubter but wat i did learn is that is that God will always come to our during our low point and our high points also

I love God's Word because it reminds me of who I am in Christ. It gives me comfort when I am struggling. It helps me in witnessing to unbelievers.

I would like to thank Tami for this powered by 4 initiative. God bless your soul dear. God's word is a guide to me.I can only imagine what this world would be without it or how caotic my life would have been. It reminds me in every passage how much God loves me.

God's word is living water. We need it to live God's way. Just like when we don't drink physical water, we get parched, tired, cranky, so it works when we don't have God's word in our life. Staying "hydrated" means the start of staying healthy.

The word is my direct connection to God. I can always tell when I have not spent enough time reading, thinking about, and loving the word of God. The world and all of its worries come crashing down and I feel overwhelmed, sad, and hopeless... just like the psalmist.

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