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Ephesians 4:1-16

As we start into Ephesians 4, Paul very plainly tells the Ephesians that unity in the church body, the family of God, is crucial and that God designed us to work together using our unique personalities, skills and abilities. For that to happen, though, we need to be growing and maturing in Christ. "We are to grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ" (vs. 15).

Growing up is a process and it takes time. So how far down the road are you when it comes to "growing up in Christ"? What are you doing (or can you do) to move yourself further down that road?
Tami W.

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Walking with Christ is a process that is different for everyone. We are not going to experience the same as others. My question for someone is how to deal with loneliness. Why does church for a single person feel so lonely and isolating and not uplifting. I struggle with this and it makes me feel like not going to church because of how I feel when I leave. I'm not sure Christ wants us to feel this other than to bring us closer to Him as it is suffering that He can relate to for sure.

We read in Eph.4:11-16 concerrning some of the offices within the church. The offices are (espec. vs. 11) are staffed by men who are working together to meet the body's need. In deed we all have gifts to help and strengthen one another. My best advise is to use your gifts to help at least one other Christian, in turn expect to have needs met by another Christian. Make your self responible not just to God but to another bother or sister in Christ. The fact is
we grow together by looking to God, and leaning upon one another. We will not be lonely when we see the loving hand of God reaching out to us through another brother or sister in Christ.

laura if i may answer your question one thing which you have to realise that once you are in Christ there is no such thing as a single person because you are cojoined to christ and thats what makes the christian life and the thing about you not feeling like not going to church well they may be two reasons the first well in my opinion i think it might be the enviroment of which you might opt to change the church or it might be just the devil trying to sway not to go to church because without the presence of God as christian we fall prey to the devils lies

patience and politeness is not a persons weakeness its a reflection of a persons inner strength and this scripture when i view it is encouraging me as an indvidual to live my life like the way christ lived his life and seek God guidances in each and every situation i face as an indvidual for one thing i know is that God diddnt promise that he is going to take all the storms of life we face but he will certainly be besides and anchor us through it all we just have to remain firm in his word and his promises

For Laura. Dr. Kroll is saying this morning That as we mature as Christians we are to be knit together. So if you go to a church with immature Christians or people that are just going through the motions, they will be less likely to reach out and love or minister to a single woman. Maybe you could, if you are not already, get involved in one of your church ministries, like greeting, or working in the nursery. Establish relationships with some of the people at your church so you don't feel so lonely when you go there. Being lonely is truly a struggle but it is one that you can allow the love of our Lord to help you with and it will give you the opportunity to grow in Christ. We ultimately are going to church to worship and praise God. Imagine how the Lord sees you struggle, yet still go to church to sing praises and learn His word, I'm sure He is proud of you. Keep going for God's sake, and keep growing for yours! Love in Christ, Nicki

Ah Laura, In my years of Christian life I have found that the loneliness is within me. When I am focused only on myself..and not others I am most lonely..get involved in a group or class at in the nursery. Anywhere you can be thinking of others as Christ would, that is where you find fellowship and a warm heart.

Laura, I would encourage you to continue to go to church. God loves you very much! Continue to read His Word everyday, and ask God for His help in this. You can be there for other single ladies. I will be praying for you in this situation.
God Bless.

Thanks everyone who commented on my comment. It is when you have walked through loneliness for so many years like I have and you think you have it mastered, that you have grown and are mature enough to cope through all the above mentioned suggestions........and then God says no you are not done with this topic, issue, you have to delve deeper, feel the loneliness more, know how Christ felt.........when you feel like you have seen the precipice of darkness it is scary and I guess God wanted me to see that some more, despite how mature I thought I was. Your prayers have helped,God has seen me through and will again, so thank you for your fellowship..........that is to me a message God gives us not to walk alone to reach out, which in doing the other day helped and I hope it helped someone else as well.........

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