Extreme Self Makeover

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Ephesians 4:17-32

Paul does an outstanding job of laying out for us what our new self or life in Christ should look like. But rather than just telling us to "do this" or "do that," he compares and contrasts our old life (old self) without Christ, which is pretty ugly, with our new self--our new life, new heart, and new actions. He paints a vivid and powerful picture for us.

So what did you learn about putting off the old self and living for Christ? And was there anything in particular that prompted or spoke to you about putting on the new self? Tami W.

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This is THE thing we ALL need to know and remember, we, NONE of us are going to be perfect!!!
Walking with Christ is a journey.
It is a work in progress.
It is not an always easy walk in the park.
God does not make us perfect here on earth.
God is working in and through us.
God works in imperfect people, that is THE beauty where we can see Christ hand in someones life!
We all need to stop being so quick on judging others on their imperfections. We are not the ones who change people, it is Jesus who changes people.

Our problem is us.
We don't stop to think about God and what He has done, what He has allowed, what he wants to show us and teach us. We are so quick to jump and do our own thing, we don't stop and look to God.
It ends us being all about us and what we can do.

this scripture helps me to realise that when we take one step towards God he takes seven steps towards it also helps me to realise that when i say i am a christian i am not shouting im saved but im whispering i was lost that is why i chose this way when i say i am a christian i dont speak of this with pride im confessing that i stumble and need christ to be my guide when isay im a christian i am not tryin to be strong but i am professing that im weak and pray for strength to carry on when isay im a christian im not bragging of success im admitting that i have failed and cant pay the debt and thats why im proud to be a christian it helps me to realise that i dont need to feel accepted by the society but as long as im accepted thats wat makes the difference in my life and am thankful for christs never failing mercy over my life and with the realisation that i can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me

Well said Madondo. Thank you for your comments. I find that I am held to this high perfect standard by others. When I, like you, I am a Christian, and I too need Christ to be my guide. Being a Christian does not make us perfect, it makes us saved by grace. God is perfect we, are not. My prayer is that God will help us to be strong.

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