The Sky is Falling!

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Numbers 14:1-19

The children's story of Chicken Little came to mind when I read Numbers 14. This is right after the Israelites send a group of spies into the land of Caanan (chapter 13), and the report back from the majority of the spies is negative and fear-based--there are giants in the land, the land devours its inhabitants, the Israelites are like grasshoppers in the eyes of these people ... the sky is falling. Well, the Israelites jump right on that fear bandwagon and in so doing, throw God and His faithfulness aside. They won't listen to the report of Caleb or Joshua that the land is good and that with God's help they are able to overtake it.

So how do we guard against falling prey to the Chicken Little mindset where we put our circumstances and fears before our trust and reliance on God? How can we be more like Caleb, Joshua, Aaron and Moses? Tami W.

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This story remind us that we need to surround ourselves with those that believe in the Lord--people that will build us up, support us, and guide us in listening and obeying God's word.
When we surround ourselves with unbelievers they put doubt in our minds and hearts.
Positive people build us up and negative people bring us down.
Therefore it is also important that we choose to be positive and uplifting, supporting to others.

I'm not sure about Aaron, but I think that Moses, Caleb and Joshua had some understanding of who God was and what his character was like. They knew he was a God could do all things and a God who loved Israel and had made them his people. They knew he would be with them as they claimed his promises to them in the new land he gave them.

We must ask God to reveal himself to us and allow him to do so. The more we see of God's love and goodness and trustworthiness, the more our faith will grown and our experiences will then begin to teach us about our wonderful Father who is always with us.

This comment is for Monica back on July 12, 2011

You know Monica, you really got me thinking. When I think about us justifying things, we can tend to think..............oh well, it's not that big of a deal. We tend to also think that things like sin etc is not a big deal, if it doesn't appear to be bad or evil. When You think about it, Satin is very deceiving. It's the LITTLE things that deceive us. Like what you said, basically as frail human beings we tend to believe that if something does not appear to be inherently evil then it cannot be all that bad for us. I think of the verse Philippians 4:8 And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely and admirable. Think on these things that are excellent and worthy of praise. I know for my own life, I have allowed others in my life pull me away from God and His ways and truth. I have allowed what others have said effect my walk with Christ. Even though at the time, it seemed so small, it had become BIG. I have let little remarks pull me away from what I knew was right and true. I allowed people and their comments to override GOD'S TRUTH. This is where it all starts, something very small. Sometimes we can recognize it and sometimes we may not. At the time we may think, "Well it won't hurt me" The sad truth is, that it does and will effect us. The great thing is, God is ALWAYS right there to pick us up, and show us what we need to learn from that circumstance, and God helps us to be stronger for the next time. God does not leave us where we are. God wants us to learn and grow in our walk with Him. It is so wonderful when we do slip into trouble that God ALWAYS shows us a way out. God strengthens us through our weakness. We can ALWAYS rely on God. We are not alone in doing life. We as believers in Christ, have the Holy Spirit there to lead us and to guide us!! My prayer is that God will open our eyes to His truth. We need to open His Word every day, and also like you are doing, asking questions so others can help out with the answers. Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5

Thank you so much Jayna for your encouragement!! That is so true!!
Everyone have a wonderful day.

It is good to keep ourselves surrounded by positive ppl who will keep us lifted up. Just like in Exodus 17 when Moses held the staff high, the Israelites saw it and fought successfully but when he began to falter they fell. The solution was to have someone on either side of moses to help him keep the staff raised.So it is with us, when we become weak it is good to have others to lift us up.
Secondly, we must keep in our minds and in our hearts that our God who has loved us so much as to give his son for us will never leave us nor forsake us. That is his promise and we know that he is faithful.

this scripture tell us alot about our human nature we would rather remain in our comfort zone than face a few trial as long as we dont face any problem but the problem with such a mentality it will keep u away from Gods best in our lives and as christians we shldnt b only willing to worship God when things are alright but i like the character tracts shown by moses and aaron they understood that what lied ahead was nothing as what was compared to wat God would do its not what they looked at that counted but wat they saw they knew they had a great God who would do do within them what they couldnt do for themselves they u they were not afraid of wat they faced everyone saw it as the end but they saw it as a bend sometimes the problem with us people is that everyone wants happiness nobody wants pain but you cant have a rainbow without a little rain

You would think after the Israelites had witnessed first-hand the number of miracles God had performed on their behalf, that here they had finally arrived at the Promised Land, that they'd march right in and stake their claim...just as God had promised. But one thing held them back...they were afraid. Don't we do just that? We trust God in the little things and eagerly thank him for His goodness when things are going well. But then we doubt Him to take care of the big problems...and somehow assuming that needs to be tackled on our own power.

Along with surrounding ourselves with positive people, we need to also stay focused on God's word and believe God for who he says he is. He cannot lie. I find that a fall alot because i don't read the word often enough, so i don't have "The Word" to encourage myself with or to use against the enemy.

Also we must act on what God is telling us. Although we have friends that are believers and they might have good intentions, it is more important to listen to God's advice.

What may appear to be similar circumstances, may have different remedies all according to God's purpose.

It is very easy to lose faith in the Lord, in tough times, because your faith in Him is either weak, or you never had faith in Him. We think that faith exists in us, because we pay lip-service to the Lord. It doesn't. I know...that is what I did for many, many years. All that has changed for me now, because I place COMPLETE faith in Him! Totally and completely. That does not mean I don't get scared once in a while. I do. However, I just leave whatever problem it is, in His hands. He knows what I need better than I do.

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