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Matthew 26:36-46

It's the night of Jesus' betrayal by Judas, and Jesus takes the disciples to the garden of Gethsemane to pray. Jesus was emotionally low at this point and even tells the disciples that His soul is very sorrowful (vs. 39). We then see Jesus going off by himself pouring his heart out in prayer to the Father.

Matthew 26:36-46 gives us a very personal look at Jesus, and what we see can teach us a lot about our relationship with God and communicating with Him.

What does Jesus show us about being open and forthright with God? What did this passage show you about prayer? Tami W.

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Jesus shows us that it is our Father in heaven that is the one that will never fail us. He will always be there to give us comfort when man lets us down.

It is easy to be critical of other people's shortcomings—something that I have to choose not to do all the time. I have also let Jesus down many times in my life. But, we do see here that Jesus does give the disciples a warning—only once--that they need to be watchful and in prayer so that they do not stumble and fall. He does not rebuke them for not being there to comfort him. I wonder if I could have said the same thing to my friends or would I have voiced anger at them for not being there for ME!!

What a wonderful picture of love. I want to by like that. I want to be more concerned about others falling into sin and away from God, than people being there for me. God is always their for us—He is never tired—He is never to busy—He is never sleeping—what a comfort.

looking at this scripture it holds a lot of life lessons for me it shows me that God will always make your deepest pain to be your most glorius blessing it also shows me that as an individualwe should never give up when everything falls into pieces we should never ever lose when even every one who trust turns their backs against but we should always remember that our lives are in the potters hand and thats the most important and this is what Jesus was showing that we can always depend and look unto God when problems arise in our life my mother always tells me when life gives you a hundred reasons to frown show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile no matter what we face when we follow Gods path we are safe it might not be understable at first but it will always result with the best results in our lives.there is always peace in God even in the hardest thing of life.jayna powerful post.

This passage is simply showing us that the only person u can rely on in time of need is our father in heaven. when man fails u God never fails. My advise to all my sisters and brothers out there is to hold on to Jesus he is our only alternative.

Being open and forthright with God is essential to growing more intimate with God, in receiving His strength to face challenges, guidance and direction. It is our lifeline to be able to come before God in prayer, and a privilege paid by the blood of Christ.

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