No Need to Fear

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Psalm 56:1-13

All of us have experienced fear. Maybe we've even lived in a state of fear for a time. Fear is powerful, and what I've found through personal experience is that fear can be crippling and it can pull us way off track if we're not careful. Living in and with fear is just pretty miserable.

Well, David was afraid and fearful in Psalm 56:1-13, but instead of giving in and allowing his fear to control him and his situation, he turns to God and gives every concern over to Him. "When I am afraid, I put my trust in God" (vs. 3).

So what did David show you about trusting God in all circumstances? Were you encouraged by Psalm 56? How will you draw on this passage the next time fear pushes in on your life? Tami W.

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Today's scripture and the one two days ago on Compassion, have really been timely in our lives, as we try to help and show compassion to a friend who is wrought with fear. Thank you for bringing these scriptures and comments to mind.

I would say, how does a person trust God if they do not have a growing relationship with Him?
I am encouraged by this verse because I KNOW I can TRUST God.
How do I KNOW this, because God tells us in His Word. He has shown me in my own life. If we can TRUST God for our salvation, we CAN TRUST Him in everything else. Seek out God. God keeps His promises!!

Verse 3 expresses what God can do deliver the believer from fear. God is more powerful then any fears that we encounter. He has promised to protect the believer from harm. Verse 11 repeats what the believer needs to keep in their heart to take away the fears of this world. We need to completely trust in our Savior. The more time we spend in the word, the more we trust in Him.

This passage is encouraging because we all have had to deal with fear at some point in our life. As long as we know, as it states in Matt. ch.10, "Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul.", it should be comforting that we can trust the one who saves us and gives us eternal life. What then shall we fear?

this scripture strengthen us as believers it shows that God is always there for us in the midst of all our problem when it hurts to look back and we are afraid to look ahead it most reassuring that we can look besides ourselves and God wil always be there for us we have to understand that God will make our deepest pain our most glorious moment so all we jus have to do is just believe in God and have faith becoz fear initself will not get us anywhere

Trusting God is something we MUST learn to do as children of God each and every day. Psalm 53, provided an excellent remainder of how important it is for us to share our fears with God. Personally, it’s not easy for me to admit that a situation I am facing, is stirring up fear in me. This Psalm gave me reassurance that being afraid is not being weak, but admitting that I am fearful is an excellent opportunity for me to have a deeper encounter with my Father. Wow, what a new take on facing your fears!

We believe in God and we believe in His Word but as humans, we still encounter some fear which we should not. This happens to me and even though I know He will take care I still worry sometimes then a still small voice reminds me, "You have asked me to take care of it so why are you still worrying?" I can only seek His forgiveness. So in future when I am afraid I will put my trust in Jesus. I will speak these words to my God should this happen again.
I pray that God will continue to bless BTTB staff for the wonderful work in getting the Word out to so many people. Thank you.

The verse that stand out to me is verse 9.When i cry unto thee, then shall mine enemies turn back; this i know;for God is for me.I know that when fear or my enemies came down upon me the only one who can help me is my heaven father.I can remember one occasional fear took a hold of me but i have to thank god i ask for his help and he step right in and let me know that the only one i am suppose to fear is God.

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