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Psalm 26:1-12

David is proclaiming to the Lord that he has clean hands and a pure heart like we talked about yesterday in the blog. In his proclamation, he lays out the how and why of his godly lifestyle. There's a lot of information here for us to take in and draw on concerning being right before God.

Does David's view of being clean match up with yours? Do you have anything to add? So what did you learn from Psalm 26 about being right, pure, clean (you pick the word) before God? Tami W.

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Being pure and clean before God is something I believe we have to make a continual daily process. We don't wash our hands only once a day, but often throughout. The same with our hearts. The longer we leave the stain, the harder it seems to wash out, it seems for me anyway. It starts to stain my thoughts and before I know it I'm starting to shift my focus.

I luv the psalms and proverbs there so much 2 learn so much 2 take in. The problem is putting into practice what i've read. Wash my hands, that's not enough I need a hot shower 3xs aday.I must admit though getting these bible studies on my BB have got me back reading the bible and I've noticed a change in my temperment when at work and home. I know u probably don't read my messages and that's okay, my wife doesn't listen 2 me either. At least u give me the hope that someone will have the time 2 read it.PS can Demons take refuge in a Christians home.


I agree with your comment that it's not always so easy to put into practice what we've read. I've found that when I am intentional about being in God's Word and then considering how I can and should apply it, that then helps me be able to live it out. I still falter and struggle, but that's how we learn. Thanks for your comment and keep with your Bible reading. Tami W.

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