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Proverbs 2:1-19

Brains, talent, title--all good things to have. But those things, even combined, don't hold a candle to having wisdom. Today we're looking at Proverbs 2 which is all about godly wisdom. Only the Lord gives wisdom (vs. 6) and that wisdom comes from His mouth (His words and commandments). So how do we get this wisdom? Well, we don't just receive it because we love the Lord. We must play an active role in seeking it (vs. 3-4).

So, what does this passage tell us about the importance of engaging God's Word (receiving it, reflecting on it and then putting it into action)? What are you currently doing to seek God's wisdom? Tami W.

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I love this verse because it says God gives wisdom. People get so caught up with what they can do. They don't even give God the credit or seek Him out for wisdom or anything. They just think that it is all them. When it says clearly in Proverbs 2:6,7 that it is God who gives wisdom. This also shows that it is so important to be reading the Bible on a DAILY basis. Again, what are we absorbing on a daily basis?? Magazines, TV, friends/family pulling us away from what is right and good. If we are reading the Bible, and purposely seeking out to be pure in heart and mind and asking God to help us and to give us wisdom, then we will have the wisdom that we need, that GOD has given us. We need to remember and realize we do need God and His help. We need to remember and KNOW that we can trust God and rely on Him. WE need to keep our eyes on Jesus. He is all we need.

Someone once told me that anything that distracts or pulls us away from God is a sin no matter how innocent it may seem. Basically as frail human beings we tend to believe that if something does not appear to be inherently evil then it cannot be all that bad for us. Yet if it is not spiritually edifying then does it become a sin in our lives? Does justifying our habits just because they do not conflict with the bible an instance of operating on worldly wisdom rather than God's wisdom?

this message in my case helps me to take some time to remember who iam why i am here and who put me here in the first place and it shows me one important thing which us believers should remember the fear of the Lord is the begginning of all understanding

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