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Galatians 5:16-26

Every time I read Galatians 5:22-23, I'm hit head on with the realization that exhibiting the fruit of the Spirit is a tall order and, while I do exhibit some of the elements most of the time, I have plenty of room for improvement. That's why I'm grateful for the fresh start I have each morning and that I have the Holy Spirit to help me combat the pull of those sinful desires of the flesh as I go about my day.

So how do you draw on the help and strength of the Holy Spirit? What does walking by the Spirit look like in your life? Tami W.

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An area I struggle...I have to reduce my distractions and listen when I am praying. I tend to give God an earful of my wants and desires but spend hardly enough time listening to His will for me. Thoughts?

I always cringe a little bit when I hear people say that we have the Holy Spirit to HELP us produce the fruit of the Spirit. I feel that the only time we can produce the fruit of the Spirit is when we allow Him to produce it in us, nothing of ourselves - not me and the help of the Holy Spirit.
Could you comment on this?

I think that it is helpful for us to know who and what we really are. 1 Thess 5:23 tells us that we are 3-parts; soul (our emotions, our feeling, our thoughts); body (our flesh body that we see and feel); and our spirit (the part that is made new and lives for eternity).

In John 3:6 we are told that we must be born of the Spirit. Our spirit must be born to God and is made pure and untainted any longer by sin (Satan). We no longer belong to Satan but to God (Romans 8:9). We cannot serve two masters we are either God’s child or Satan’s—there is no straddling the fence when it comes to our spirit.

So, what happens when we choose to be born again? 2 Corn 5:17 says that we are made new. Eph. 3:16 talks about being strengthened by God so that Christ can live in our hearts (our soul, mind) Paul goes on to say in verse 19 in his prayer that his wish is that we may be filled with all the fullness of God. But, let’s think about this a moment our spirit is changed from sin, darkness, and lies (Satan controlled) to that of the Spirit of truth that will be with us forever (John14: 17). It goes on to say in John 14: 26 that the Holy Spirit, the Counselor will teach us all things.

Therefore, if our spirit is new what is our problem? This is where we have to work every day and from new habits. We have to renew our thinking (Romans 12:2). We have been taught that we are corrupt and full of sin—and we where before we were born again in our spirit. We have to claim the promise that we are different, new, and clean, without sin, blameless, and the traits that are Christ are also in us, by renewing our thinking. We can do this Phil 4:13 says we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. And in John 14:12 it tells us that we will do all that he was doing on earth and even greater things if we ask in Christ name.

I still have not reached this fullness that has been promised to me, but I tell myself over and over everyday that I am loving, kind, generous, healthy, fair, compassionate, forgiving, uplifting, holy, truthful, righteous, self-control, and that I no longer am a slave to Satan. I know that my mind will be transformed and my thinking will come into agreement with my spirit. And that is my heart desire so that others will see Christ in me and not myself.

my mother always tells me no matter what you face when you follow Gods path you wil be safe regardless of what we feel and face we should always know as christians greater is he who is in us than who is in the world


You are correct. The fruit of the Spirit, spoken of in Galatians 5:22-23, is produced by the Holy Spirit (not by the Spirit plus works of the law) in believers who walk in dependence on Him.

Biblical Correspondent at Back to the Bible

I'm new and just finding my way around. I agree with Doreen that the fruit is of the Spirit. We don't produce it, with or without the Spirit's help.

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