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Psalm 103:1-14

David gives us a good reminder of the importance of regularly recognizing who God is and praising His name in Psalm 103:1-14. Now a big contributor to this is constantly looking at and keeping before us "the benefits" of being a child of God.

So take a few minutes to think about David's words in verse 2, "forget not all his benefits." What are the benefits you've experienced in your relationship with God? Tami W.

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How has my life changed since I chose to have a relationship with God? It is wonderful to look back over my life and see what is different. I used to live in fear—fear of being hurt, left, being alone—but God has shown me that I do not need to fear these things He will guide and protect me. I used to worry about not have money to pay my bills, but he has proved to me that when I put Him first He supplies all of my needs. I used to worry about sickness and death—I had cancer when I was 20—But, the Lord has healed me and He has shown me that I need to remember his promises that he has healed all of my sicknesses. And He has. He has healed me of migraine headaches, RA, carpel tunnel, and a torn rotor cuff. I used to think that I was not good enough and that no one could love me. I lived with depression and despair—tried to take my life more than once. But, he reached out his arms to me and said I love you. I now have joy and peace instead of depression and despair. He has shown me how to find joy in all things. Someone once asked me if I resented not being unable to walk and confined to this wheelchair and I told them no, because it has allowed me to spend more time with Jesus and learning about God and his word. It has changed my life in a great and wonderful way.

I know that I am not perfect and that there are still many things in my heart that I need to change. But, I am so thankful that I am not what I once was. And I know that if I continue to ask God to search my heart and reveal to me what I need to change that someday I will be the woman that He made me to be.

The benefits of the Lord are plentiful if we just take the time to think back at our lives before we accepted Jesus Christ. David calls it the pit. Which is exactly what it was. Stumbling in the dark I for one had always believed in God but I didnt live for him. I consistently told myself I was fine, and I could do whatever I want. How foolish I was!
Since coming to Christ I look at how God is changing me into the man I was meant to be. Slowly one layer at a time.

I want to seek his face not just his hands.

The benefits from our Lord since becoming a Christian are priceless. I was once lost, blind to the truth who is Christ, I was hostile to the Lord and yet He was with me. I was a devout Buddhist for 10 years, achieved the highest spiritual initiations a layperson can obtained short of leaving my wife and kids in order to become an ordained Buddhist monk. As an initiate, I learned the esoteric magical practices and mantras to develop psychic powers and to control and manipulate demons and things in the environment. I believed that I was high, holy, and pure living the Buddhist life of renouncing my family, being vegan, depriving and depleting the body of food and sleep. But due to God's grace and mercy he sustained me and my marriage even though I was living in hostility to Him. Through God's grace, I became so enlightened as a Buddhist that I became a Baptist. But truth be told, I became so broken in mind, body, and spirit that I almost lost my marriage, I almost became permanently crippled from neck down, I was shattered mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually; the physcial pain of the illness was excruciating and I contemplated suicide as the only relief.

However God has restored me, my health, my marriage; my wife and two daughters have become Christians and so have many of my in-laws, and my mom and dad since I confessed Christ as Lord over my life. Praise God Almighty! There is salvation in no-one else. There's no other name in all of heaven for man to call upon to be saved (Acts 4:12)

In our culture, it's all too easy to get sucked into a selfish "poor pitiful me" attitude, which quickly leads to feelings of having nothing to even thank God for -- believers and nonbelievers alike. As David lays in verse 2, regardless of what's happening in my life, there is alengthy list of things to thank Him for. Forgiveness. Healing. Redemption. Grace. Restoration. And the list goes on and on. The best part is that we receive all of these without deserving them in the least bit. That is a merciful and wildly passionate God; my God.

this message remind me as an individual that i should be thankful for what God has done in my life God didnt promise a smooth passage but at least the most reassuring thing to know is that is that God is always with us he wil never change he is our loving even when everyone abandons us this message again show that it doesnt matter what i face but its what i decide to see in my situations which makes the difference in my lyf

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