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Colossians 3:1-17

As I start each day, it's my desire that how I go about my day (my thoughts and my actions) would be pleasing to God. So I found Colossians 3:1-17 an excellent read because it really lays out what a life that pleases God looks like.

Do you ever find yourself operating on this thinking--because I'm a Christ-follower I should just automatically be better? I do that sometimes even though deep down I know that's not the case. Living a life that's pleasing to God takes effort on our part. Paul doesn't say when we receive Christ we'll be loving, kind, patient, etc. He tells us to "put to death" and "put off" earthly desires and to "put on" Christ-like qualities. Putting to death, putting off and putting on require action, effort and, yes, work on our part.

So what are some of the actions/efforts you take to "put off" sinful desires? And on the flip side, what do you do to "put on" things like compassion, meekness, kindness, humility, forgiveness? Tami W.

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The put off action I do is, I am very careful with the things I watch on TV. If there is anything that is not pleasing to God, I change the channel or I just don't watch that program at all. In stores, there is so much garbage on magazines, calendars, posters,cards etc. I look away. The put on action for me is too read God's Word and to focus and remember what I have read in His Word. If I do not remain in Him then how do I really expect to do what pleases God. I can't, we can't do it on our own!! We NEED God and His help. This is why it is so important to stay in His Word on a daily basis. I am also encouraged by some friends that keep me on track and continue to share scripture with me, and God and His ways.

I do have to say, it is so different from the old way of doing life. My old way of doing life was, friends that didn't even talk about God. We just did what we knew to do, and that was all without God and His help, and His ways. I can say..........that was so empty.

I am so free and encouraged by my new friends GOD has blessed me with. God and His ways are on their mind, and that is the very thing that pulls me through. God and His ways are so awesome!!!! Life is now, not empty!! I love God with my whole heart. I am so glad God has changed me and saved me. I am so thankful for ALL He has done! Life has a for JESUS!! It is so worth it!! My prayer is that God opens our eyes to see what God wants us to see. I would love for our lives to be so changed so others will see something so different in us. So different from the world's way of living and doing things, that they too want what we have ..........................and that is JESUS living in our lives and making us different for ALL to see.

in lyf people have a problem of always chasing the past but as christians this scripture most importantly helps us to rediscover our identity in Christ of which i think is the most important thing in our lips and it helps us realise that we have a great God who wil within us what we cant do for ourselves

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