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Mark 9:42-50 and Matthew 5:13-16

In both of our passages today, Jesus is talking about and looking at being saved and living as a Christian in an ungodly world. In Matthew 5: 13 -14 he states "you are the salt of the earth. . ." and "you are the light of the world." And as he talks to the disciples in Mark 9:50, Jesus tells them to "have salt in yourselves."

So, what are the qualities of salt? What about light? How do we incorporate and live out those qualities as a Christian in today's world? Tami W.

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Salt both adds flavor and brings together other flavors it is put with, which, in turn, enhance the meat food it/they are applied to.
If we are to be the salt, then this tells us to bring people together, encourage one another, and enhance each other for the glory of God.
Both salt and light are meant as beacons/drawing cards to bring others to Jesus.
Live what you believe!

Both salt and light are worthless if not made use of, and when they are used by people they are deliberately used. We need to deliberately use our talents and gifts to bring honor and glory to God, not for our personal gain.

We need to ask for opportunities and look for opportunities, deliberately, to connect with people to bring them to the Lord, help them to grow, and then to teach them to do the same thing - look for opportunities to deliberately connect with people in order to bring them to the Lord, to help them grow, and then to teach them how to do the same thing, perpetuating the cycle.

If we don't pray as go out among people and deliberately look for those opportunities, our saltiness isn't very salty any more and our light is almost negligible.

The command is, "Go out into the world and make disciples . . . and teach them the commands I have given you." (Mt 28:`9, 20)

This command is one to action, not passivity. This is not merely for the missionaries, the pastors, the deacons, the elders, the Sunday School teachers, this is for every Christian in every walk of life. This is being salt and light.

I'd like to refer to a book I just read a little while ago that addresses this topic so well. It's called "Becoming a Contagious Christian" by Bill Hybels and Mark Mittleberg.

Their first point about salt is that it makes you thirsty. People who are exposed to a lot of salt become thirsty for Living Water. They ask questions. What makes you different?

Salt also adds flavor. Our lives should positively flavor the lives of those around us.

Another application they give is that salt preserves. I have come across the idea that as we Christians have removed ourselves from society and created our own society (Christian TV, Christian radio, Christian bookstores, etc.) there has been a direct correlation to the moral deterioration of the public counterparts in society. Our saltiness is meant to preserve the moral fibre of a society as well.

Back to the book, the authors have come up with a formula that can be applied when becoming salt. HP + CP + CC = MI
HP refers to High Potency. Mark 9:50 and Matt. 5:13 refer to salt losing its saltiness.
CP refers to Close Proximity. You can be highly potent but ineffective if you are not in close proximity to the item/person you are applying salt to. We sometimes become a little too distanced from the world in order for our salt to actually have an impact.
CC is Clear Communication. Being able to give an answer to anyone who asks (1 Pet. 3:15).
Finally this results in MI or Maximum Impact.

They address light as well but I don't have the time to explain it. Three little girlies are waiting for their breakfast!

this scripture was common when i was born again it was often used to help the new christian that he is a new being and has a new life and that is to burn all the bridges which used to liken us to the world and live a godly life which will attract other to christ one day my friend a disabled preacher was preaching at one of his sermons heard a guy come to him and tell him i want what you have and you can imagine this guy is disabled and here comes a guy asking i want what you have well can i tell what the guy wanted it was the sparkle in my friends eyes you may ask whats so special about that sparkle its where he got it and its from God himself sometimes we are the light of God because of the way we treat and handle others WE HAVE A GREAT GOD WHO WILL DO WITHIN US WHAT WE CANT DO FOR OURSELVES

It's easy for a Christian to slip into a mode of joining the world and almost become anonymous to the unsaved(and ourselves. We buy into the literature, TV, music of a worldly population and join the crowd. No one recognizes us as being any different. In this passage God expects to be different. Are We?

Thank you Madondo for your comment. It was very encouraging.

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