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Acts 18:1-28

Non-stop is how I would describe Paul. Non-stop preaching and teaching. Non-stop reaching out and pursuing people. With Paul you can pretty much count on things moving full force ahead. So what is it that motivates him? Well, Paul's love for the Lord for sure, but along with that is his love for and knowledge of God's Word. Verse 5 tells us "Paul was occupied with the word, testifying to the Jews that the Christ was Jesus." This verse and particularly the phrase "occupied with the word" really grabbed my attention. I thought to myself Would someone describe me as being occupied with God's Word? As much I wanted my answer to be Absolutely!, the truth is that I am sometimes, but there are times when I'm not.

So what would it look like for us to be "occupied with God's Word"? How do we get there and how do we sustain it? Tami W.

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Occupied by God's word. In my college days, I did a lot of door-to-door witnessing and participated in frequent Bible studies. Now, some 30 years later, I still participate in Bible studies and invite others to them, although the door-to-door witnessing isn't part of my activities any more. I have worked in a few faith-based hospitals where it is acceptable to pray with others. Recently, this geographical area has been hit with unprecedented flooding and there is a cry for volunteers to help with relief efforts. If I was not bound to a job here, I would go and help. A Christian friend of mine was recently killed in a freak accident and now is in heaven, leaving behind a family reeling with grief. Maybe I can offer some inspiration. Maybe I just need to open my eyes a little to see what I need to do.

Occupied is to dwell or reside in, so to dwell in God's word would be to bathe and cloth yourselves in his holy scripture. For me, I don't always ''feel'' like occupying myself in God's word- especially with life thrown at me every day, I find at times, it becomes the very last priority when instead it should be the very first. It starts with actively making it a habitual practice to read scripture and then for me, application always takes place. When I ''feel'' the need not to ''feel'' like it, I ask God to send people my way and soften my heart to his readings. It seems to work for me- I seem to be able to press on and run the race...

The Lord has given me a love for the Word of God. I teach a women's Bible Class and attend another Bible Study each week. At this time we are studying Hebrew words that Jesus would have understood. When I think of "occupying" I think of "living in" the Word of God to the extent that a verse comes to mind when an occasion arises, such as He told His disciples to "occupy" until he returns.

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