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Peanut Butter

Mark 1:29-39

We get a look at Jesus going about life in Mark 1:29-39, and one of the things we see is Jesus getting up early to spend some alone time with God. This got me thinking about my time with God--the when, where and how.

I'm a pretty consistent morning engager and I have my own unique routine. I get up, take my shower, come downstairs and fix breakfast and then as I'm finishing up eating, I open up my Bible and start reading...But, not before getting some chunky peanut butter on a fork! I don't know what it is about that peanut butter, but I just crave it as I read my Bible. (I know, strange.) Now I haven't always been a morning reader but made the switch from evenings to mornings a few years ago because how I felt (tired) and how my day went were impacting the consistency of my reading. I still miss some days, but having a morning routine has really helped me.

So when and how do you open the Word and spend time with God? We're all different, so I'm curious to hear what works for you and why? Tami W.

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Well, I also wake up early in the morning. I have a small cup of coffee and read my Bible and read some devotions and listen to some Church messages. I too, was not an early person to begin with. I was a late person that slept in daily. God has really changed me. I do enjoy reading His Word and spending time with Him. I enjoy time with God in the morning because it starts my day off from the beginning in a good way. I have what I read working on my mind all through the day. God is so GOOD.

Tami, I could relate to your comments this morning because I too enjoy a slice of toast with peanut butter and honey, plus a cup of coffee when I am spending time reading God's word in the morning. Mornings are just better for me as well because by evening I still like to read but it usually puts me to sleep!

I spend the last minutes of my day with reading scripture and focusing on the message. I find that sleep comes faster and my worries are given to God who commands us to give, all that is of this world is not for us to determine or be concerned about when it is given to God.

I made the switch to reading God's word early in the morning, even before I shower and eat. The only thing I have in front of me is a cup of coffee. One of the benefits of meeting God early in the morning is that it makes it much more consistant. It also allows me to turn things over to God that I'm worried about for the upcoming day.

In my young years I loved to sleep in. (I'm now 64) But I found that when I decided I needed to know God's way to deal with marriage difficulties,(life relationships) I began by ASKING GOD & SEEKING those answers in His word.
My husband worked evening shift at that time, so after my day's work, around 9-11:00 I would sit down and search, confess, pray, give thanks--whichever way God spoke me. God began strengthening me spiritually, and this began a passion to be with HIM. Then husband retired early (disability) and I realized I would have to find time to be with God anew. So husband being an early riser, I knew I would have to get up earlier than him. This meant 5 am. But by this time in my life my delight in God, my love and zeal for HIM was so precious to me that time was not a competing factor.

I have realized (through observation & w/20/20 hindsight) that "you get what you want and you want what you get". One can get just as much of God as she/he wants. He has created us with that purpose---to fellowship with HIM/to KNOW HIM.

If someone has a schedule they think permits no time with God...our adversary has done the convincing. I find no place in scriptures where God would not meet one who wanted to know Him & will make a way for that to take place. It begins with asking Him, "Lord, I want to know me the way." And keep asking.
This is also a sample of one of my prayers for years,
"Teach me Your way, O Lord, I will walk in Your truth; give me an undivided heart that I may fear Your name.
I will give thanks to You, O Lord my God, I will praise Your name forever; for great is Your love for me...." See Psalm 86:11-15

God has been answering that prayer, and will answer that kind of prayer because it is His will, taken from His own words.

Do I ever miss meeting with God? Rarely. (usually leaving on a trip). It is such a need, and more than my necessary food, better than honey to my taste, and more valuable to me than 1000's of pieces of silver & gold.
God reveals Himself to the seeker when you search for Him with ALL your heart. Then NOTHING, not even the love of a man compares with the love of God. And this is true:
"Whom do I have in heaven but You, and besides You I desire nothing on earth. My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my PORTION forever." Ps.73:25,26

The key lies in this: will you chose God before your other desires?
If you must have something more than Him you will always struggle with "making time" for Him because HE has not yet been made your priority.

Am I a perfect Christian, do I make mistakes or sin? I sure do, but the abiding presence of GOD is effective all the time, because I am grieved to dishonor His name now more than my own.

Grateful for the PRIVILEGE to KNOW HIM,

I had been having difficulties to be consistent in my Scripture reading and prayer time. Since subscribing to this site, it has become part of my morning routine. I always check my e-mails first thing in the morning, so now I enjoy my quiet time every morning by reading the Scripture that is provided by Powered by 4, and then most days followed by a devotional time with my husband. It has definetly helped me to get my day on the right track.

I like Beebee's comment: If you must have something more than Him you will always struggle with "making time" for Him because HE has not yet been made your priority.

Further to Beebee's comment, I like to add that if a person does not have time for God. It is a "love" problem, not a "time" problem, and this reveals your faith and commitment to God.

So for me, my love for God has certainly faded somewhat and I have let the hussle and bussle of life take priority. Satan loves it when we are busy. I remember as I write this that someone in my mens' Bible group once told us that the acronym busy stands for:
Being - Under - Satan's - Yolk.

I am inspired and can relate to many of the comments already made by others, particularly about the importance of starting my day first with the Lord. As a result, I know His will for me for the day, and have a closer walk with Him and more aware of seeing Him working in and all around me throughout the day and into the evening.

I start my day around 5:00 am with exercise and a sermon. Then on my 45 minute drive to work I recite Bible verses followed by prayer. In the evening I journal how God has worked in my life that day, and I write a prayer letter back to Him. Lately, I have drifted from the journaling and writing the prayer letters and have found a void in my relationship with Him. By evening, I'm usually tuckered out from work, tag-team with my wife to make our house a home, taking my daughters to hockey and skating, and getting ready for the next day.


I also find it hard to stay consistent with the time I read my bible day to day. Our mornings start very early with our 2 young children (3 and 1) and then we are both off to work. I listen to back to the bible on my way to work and spend time in prayer, but it is often not until the kids are asleep that I get any reading (or any) done! Sometimes, like today, I use my lunch break to get my reading in. My husband and I like to pray every evening together before bed too, but we try not to make it too late or we are just plain tired!

You got me thinking , I realise that weather we roll out of bed and start worshiping or praying, or as I do go for a run first ,what really matters is how we make time for God, how we either build our life around Him or Him around our life. I am not always consistant but I am working on it , God sees oour hearts and Blesses us for our scarifce.

I also not only read but study the bible in the morning.

i guess sometimes as human beings we forget the most important thing in our work as christians that is to spend some quiet time with God no matter hw we feel and what our bodies are telling us it all comes back to sacrifice if you want something you have never had you must be willing to do something you hve nvr done

I can relate. I also was a night reader but found that I was to tired, so now I get up early in the morning, have my peanut butter pray and read my Bible. I find it is a way better start to my day.

I also used to try to read the Bible at night. But with 4 kids (ages 9, 7, 6, and 10 1/2 months) by the time everyone was in bed (including the baby, who you just can't TELL to go to bed), I'm exhausted! I used to subscribe to P4 about 3 years ago but with full time work and full time school and full time mom I ended up not even reading them and unsubscribing. Now I am a stay at home mom and have a tiny bit more time on my hands. I'm still a full time student (except for summer break) and mom but I find now that I re-subscribed to P4 last week, the best time for me is in the morning after my baby's father gets home at 6am from working overights which is also right around the time baby Elijah gets up anyways. At that time of day the girls are still sleeping so it gives me a window in there to get my P4 completed. I have the Olive Tree Bible iPad app so I copy and paste the email and corresponding Bible verses right in my notes in that app so everything can stay together and I can refer back to my questions and answers at any time. I still could use a lot of work on my personal time with just Him and on my prayer life but I am practicing more and more each day at spending time in His word. I always have my coffee at that time but some peanut butter on hot buttered toast at the same time sounds inviting too!

If i am going to work i got up early in the morning to have my morning devortion i pray and then i read my daily bread.I looking forward to go to my email to read Prayer Praise & Proimse,Bible Minute Study, Bible Minute Transcript,Elisabeth Elliot Debotional,Day in Review,& expecially Powered By 4.It's good to spend time with god in the morning it's refrehing to know that u have start your day right by thanking god for waking you up and by giving you the strength.

When i dont have my morning devotional my conscience take a hole of me so i better to have my devotinol in the morning. Thank to Back to the Bible i have learn so much about Jesus Christ i have learn how to trust in him more and more each day.

I love all these comments, they are so encouraging!
It is so true, it is so refreshing to spend time with God. God is so amazing! It is so worth spending time with God and getting to know Him.

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