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Acts 17:1-15

Paul's life and travels were an adventure. There was rarely a dull moment, and we see that as we begin Acts 17 today. Paul and associates arrive in Thessalonica and start preaching about Christ. All is well until the Jews get jealous and intentionally incite quite an uproar. So, Paul, Silas and Timothy move on to Berea and begin preaching there. However, the Jews in Berea receive and react to them differently because of their wise approach. "Now these Jews were more noble than those in Thessalonica; they received the word with all eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so."

So what can we learn and put into practice from the church at Berea? Tami W.

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Outline Paul's presentation in the synagogue in Thessalonica (17:1-4). How could you use that approach as you talk about the Gospel? Why did Paul move on from this city (17:5-9)? How did the response in Berea differ (17:10-12)? What does this tell you about testing what you hear?

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This passage is helpful in that it reminds us to constantly be searching the Scriptures for what God's Word is on a particular subject. Not only is this pertinent outside of the church, but inside as well. I believe going to church should be about more than just sitting and listening. When we hear something preached that surprises us or that we don't necessarily agree with, we need to delve into God's Word to see what the truth of the matter is. We need to be active in worship, not passive.

We learn that different persons receive the gospel differently. Some of the wheat will fall on stony ground, some on fertile soil and some will be choked by weeds. We must never stop proclaiming the word. To God be the glory

Jeff alluded to some good points to keep in mind. We need to be actively reading, studying, applying the Word of God in our lives, and to test what we hear in church and outside the church in light of Scripture. We need to be active in studying the Word of God. If we depend only on the message that we hear on Sunday mornings at church we only get half of the spiritual nourishment. It's like eating predigested food. In contrast, we need to drink from the well ourselves to get the full benefit.

Also, be prepared that you will face opposition when you stand up for Christ. Therefore, equip yourself through prayer, the Spirit, study of the Word, and fellowship with other believers.

The Bereans are good examples of how we should study God's Word. And Paul is an example of how we should actively look for where the Spirit is leading us in sharing the Gospel; never shying away from God-given opportunities, because He is actively at work in us and around us. We need to seek Him, see where He is working, be obedient an join God in His work.

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