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Mark 10:17-31

We've probably all heard and/or read the story of the rich young man from Mark 10:17-31. As the story goes, this rich man is excited about following Jesus... until Jesus tells him he needs to sell all his possessions which were "great." When he receives that news, he leaves disheartened and dejected. A discussion then follows between Jesus and the disciples about wealth and the difficulty it can cause when it comes to salvation and living for the Lord.

So what did this passage convey about wealth, riches and money? What struck me was the power and influence money and possessions can have over us. Having money or nice things isn't the problem. It's our attitude toward money that's the issue.

So how do we keep from letting money (or whatever it is that we greatly cherish) pull us away from living first and foremost for the Lord? How do you guard against that powerful pull and influence of money and possessions? Tami W.

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Dr Kroll glossed over a very important building block of eternal life by referring to the Lords answer - when He quoted the ten commandments initially to the rich young rulers request for eternal life - Dr Kroll said they were a perceived need/non-need. If Christ wanted to be flippant He would have said something like go and wash yourself a hundred times and beat yourself 40, but we all know that when Christ says something it is of infinite depth of wisdom. Go and sin no more needs to be preached a little more often from the pulpits and Christians need to be alarmed to the process of: choosing to obey Gods word is foundational; and, part of receiving abundant life/eternal life - 1 John 5:11 . . . given to us eternal life, and this life is in His son.
This quality of life only comes by choosing whom you will serve and serving by doing the words of life! Eternal Life/Abundant Life is a quality of life that most importantly means putting Christ first but to do that we have to put others first and yes - do the commandments! They are "real needs" not to be put on as a yoke but as jewelry, wall hangings, pillars, objects of admiration, then the life will grow.

I think that in our current western societies, we generally have too much and then we think we are entitled to certain things. We need to realize on a daily basis that all we have ultimately belongs to our Father and that it is only because He has allowed it that we have what we have. Maybe if we all remembered to thank the Lord every morning for what we have - be it great or small - our daily outlook would change.
This life seems to throw us one concern after another and, maybe I am thinking of myself, my prayers so often seem to be requests of various forms rather than thanks and praise.
Christ knows our thoughts and intents and, with the rich young ruler, was aware that his possessions were more important than anything. A dangerous place for any of us to be. Having things in abundance is not wrong but if they become more important than our walk with our Saviour and our family, we are in trouble.
Praying to meet all Powered By 4 folk in our eternal home.

I really think that a huge part of the pull of money and possessions is the silly desire to either want what everyone else has or to have BETTER than what everyone else has. We are so concerned with electronics these days and having the biggest tv and the best car and the best cell phone that it takes away from the normalcy of life. I myself have the some nice electronics as well but I don't let them define me. As Tami said, there's nothing wrong with having nice things but when we become so concerned with having the nice things that we feel we cannot be happy without them, then it's definitely time to pull back and reevaluate why we are here. Without nice things we will still have Jesus but we will not have Him if we put Him 2nd to our possessions. And as much as we'd like to say He is 1st in our lives, we cannot front and hide our true feelings and desires from Him. He will see right through us and know if He is truly 1st in our lives or not.

wanted to share we are all talking about possesions but i find i place my children #1 instead of god. This is a preayer i pray often how do i place god above my children. This is a struggle i have daily when i make decisions. Money is not the only thing that is so difficult to let go of.

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