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Matthew 7:24-27

I can't read Matthew 7:24-27 without thinking of this song I loved to sing in Sunday School that talked about the rains coming down, the floods coming up and what happened to the houses built on the sand and the rock. (Do you remember that song?)

Jesus tells us here in Matthew that if we listen to and follow His words that we are like that wise man who built his house on the rock. In other words, Jesus is telling us that He is the rock--and He should be our foundation. And when that's the case, we can withstand whatever comes our way.

So what's your foundation look like today? How do we make sure we're keeping it in good shape--solid, strong, airtight? Tami W.

P.S. I'd like to ask for your prayers as our annual Holy Land Tour gets underway. Please pray for smooth flights today and tomorrow as our tour group meets in New York City and then heads to Istanbul. Looking forward to it! Watch the blog and the P4 Facebook page for the next 2 weeks to see photos and video of our tour!

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I remember the song too! I am sure glad I have Christ as my strong foundation today!

Thankfully, Jesus couldn't be any clearer about what it takes to have a firm foundation. He says, "To anyone who hears these words of mine and does them". Could it be any clearer than that? Imagine how much "storms" in life could be eliminated if people just did what Jesus said! Even when the inevitable storm does come, even for those who know Jesus, His word is the foundation. By believing God's promises and allowing Him to comfort us, our "house" will never be washed away.

On God the solid rock I stand,all other ground is sinking sand.I know what my foundation looks like.Keeping in the word and seeking that small voice and then passing it on is my exercise.

As we reflect on what happened last week in Japan, the tsunami & earthquake,as I watched on TV & internet, the tsunami washing away debris along its path, I wonder how non Christians or even Christians who have their house in sand instead on the solid rock, with God,feel like when personal tragedies & so forth come in their lives. Without God in your life, this is how it looks like, spiritually speaking.

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