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Psalm 104:1-35

I love all things nature. So Psalm 104 with all its detail about the heavens, sky and earth really resonated with me. It was a great reminder of God's complete control of all of our world, not to mention how involved He is in all that's going on and taking place around us.

So what did Psalm 104 show you about God? Was there a particular verse or phrase that spoke to you today? Tami W.

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There are many amazing things about our God, even His grace. Hey, maybe someone should write a song about that :) One thing that is amazing is how much God cares for the earth and how much beauty and grandeur it has even after suffering the consequences of the Fall of man.

My Bible is an NLT Life Application Study Bible, and I always read the notes for whatever scriptures I'm reading. Verse 5 stands out for me today in that it says the same Power that sustains and holds the Earth in it's place, is also the same Power that sustains us as believers. That created quite an imagery for me. WOW!! We should have NO doubt that God will always be with us and cares for us. He is that powerful.

"Everything" is God!! Every breath we take, everything we do, say, or think, is God. God is present in all, whether we feel Him or not, whether we live for Him or not. God knows and provides for all... humans and creatures. Without Him, we would not be! He is it!
He is all! He is everything! We are nothing without Him! This totally awes me, and I am so grateful, as my life was such a mess before without Him. I thought I knew it all, could do it all, but I was nothing but a huge mess. God changed my life so much, and now I do see Him in everything, though I still have a long ways to go.
Thanks God for Your great love, mercy, patience, and kindness. May I be the same to others... even just a little bit! And thanks to P4 and BTTB... they have helped me see and know God better. Found you all by accident... a God-ordained accident!

Since moving to the country 3 years ago, I have been able to witness to God's beauty and wonder very differently than when I was in the city. He is abundantly available in both places or anywhere for that matter, but it seems I am able to see His creation close up and personal here. His wondrous hand is everywhere from the smallest insect (some of that I have never seen or heard of and still don't know what they are even with bug books) to the need for the clean up crew of buzzards that I had never witnessed. Everyone of His creatures has a meaning and purpose for being here, as we do. A lot of them I don't like, but I must get use to them or leave this place (rattlesnakes) just as in the city (traffic, etc). Read His word and witness His Glory in all things, past, present and future. Fall in love with His Word and watch your world, wherever you are….bloom and send you on a wonderful and powerful journey with Him at the start and finish of your life. Thank you
anonymous of 11:25AM….you got it!!!!! Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice on the cross and your blood that cleanest us all…..Amen

Recently I read a comment in a Phillip Yancy book (perhaps he was quoting someone else), that God's greatest masterpiece will eventually not be the creation of nature, but will be his ongoing creation of human history. When you read a psalm like this, and consider the splendors of creation, the idea that human history is more complex and beautiful is nearly too much to grasp. Yet, I love the thought. Just as every plant or animal is unique, and part of unique species, and then part of unique classes and groups and kingdoms, so too every moment of time and every person is unique. Just as all of nature, from the very tiny to the huge, fits together with order and symmetry, someday we will see the events of each person's life placed in context with every other life, and every life in context with the history of families, communities, nations and the world. This thought gives me peace and hope when it seems the world is in chaos. We can trust the history of our lives, our families, our communities and our world to the One who is designing the masterpiece of human history with the same care He took when He designed the masterpiece of nature.

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