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Genesis 17:1-14

Well later today we'll be arriving in Israel with our Back to the Bible tour group (assuming our flight's on time and non eventful). So the next couple of days we'll read some passages dealing with Abraham, Jacob and Moses. Then, I'll start blogging about and sending back pictures of the places we've visited each day on the tour and hopefully give you a better sense of Israel and some of the scriptures we're reading.

Today we're reading about Abram in Genesis 17:1-14. This is the passage where God changes Abram's name to Abraham and covenants with him that he (Abraham) will be the father of many nations (vs. 4). But before God gives this covenant, He tells Abraham this, "'I am God Almighty, walk before me, and be blameless. . .'" (vs.1). Excellent words for us too, don't you think?

So do we recognize God as God Almighty and then walk before Him blamelessly? What does this look like in your day-to-day life? Tami W.

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Looking forward to the photos!!!

Abraham is such an excellent example of faith. It is interesting to me that God doesn't give Abraham a list of activities that would quantify as being blameless. This passage is about covenant and relationship. But then again, isn't that our only hope of blamelessness? Abraham believed and it was accounted to him for righteousness. It is Christ's righteousness that we need to be blameless. Through Christ there is no condemnation. We are truly blameless.

Not sure if this is relevant to this/these questions but i was listening to Dr Krolls message today and wanted to share some insight. The true message regarding the woman of zeraphath is faith, but not "testing", it is more of a salvation experience. God had "prepared" the woman, she had hit rock bottom, of the pit. She was hanging on for any ray of hope/Gods compassion. She was given the greatest opportunity anyone could ask for - the opportunity to choose - will I believe and receive or will I doubt, pout, and go without. It was not a test, nor was it a test for Elijah. Prophets were a different breed, kind of like the same relationship as angels have with God. They KNOW God, not like us, we believe God. God desires that we believe in Him, not know Him (it is all about having faith with us in our relationship with God) - if anyone would come to God he must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of them that believe in Him. It is this way that God confounds those that are of the world and caught up in the physical. God is spirit and He desires us to worship Him in spirit (and in truth). Of course, as believers we come to "know" Him with time, as He constantly affirms - the evidence of things not seen. But as for Elijah his was not a test, otherwise his name would have been listed with those whom God said - and his faith was accounted to him as righteousness. Tests of faith are for those who have accepted the Lord as saviour in order to help us mature, not for those God is calling - whom He chooses to have compassion on. A perfect picture of testing was when Christ told the disciples to "get into the boat we are going to the other side". But while they were out on the water and Christ slept (He knew they were going to the other side) the waves (test) came up and they doubted. That is why Christ said oh ye of little faith. The test was not could they have faith to calm the storm it was could they simply believe what they were told and have peace/abundant life. God cares for us but gets upset when we dont receive the spoonful/mana He puts infront of our mouth on a constant basis - Yes I have a 15 mth old. God bless You, thank you so much for your deligence in bringing us the word daily.

I thought this lesson went well with yesterday. By faithh in Christ our house will stand. Abraham had that faith and lived it and so he was blessed. To have nations of people be able to call him father. Those who are circumsized and believe.

Abraham is a very good example of faith and how to have a relationship with God.Can we be blameless like him? Thanks to our Lord Jesus for being blameless and dieing to give us salvation.Our righteousness is of Him,Is by His Grace that we are walking with Him.He treats me special than any other person,thank you JESUS.

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